How to create custom audit rules in Jdeveloper Custom audit rules in Jdeveloper extension from Vinay Kumar Happy Auditing with Vinay Kumar in techartifact.

Requirement- Installation of Webcenter Sites using JSK Prerequisite a. file named “JSK_Installer11.” b. JDK 1.6 or higher must be installed on your computer c. Set up the environment variable: > Linux: set JAVA_HOME= (e.g., set JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.6) run “java -jar JSK_Installer11.”  Double click the JSK_Installer11. JumpStartKit Installation 1. Installations dialoge Start: All Packs install. Select […]

Requirement- you set weblogic, database and all managed server.You don’t want to go command prompt and start servers.You can start everythng by script in linux environment Implementation- Please follow below script to start everything by a normal GUI as below – Create a new file and copy below script.You have to change ORACLE_HOME,ORACLE_SID and DOMAIN_HOME […]

Requirement- In your webcenter Portal application , if you dont want to use seeded navigation model and you create your own navigation model and you want to make your navigation model as default navigation model. Implementation – When you create an Webcenter portal application using create new application and selection Webenter Portal application then seeded […]

how to create and use page templates to provide common look and feel in Oracle ADF . Check this video for this Happy ADF learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact…

Quick tip on disabling firewall in linux-firewall is software based firewall that provides protection between your server (workstation) and damaging content on the Internet or network. It will try to guard your computer against both malicious users and software such as viruses/worms. Task: Disable / Turn off Linux Firewall Type the following two commands (you […]

You can create WLST script using WLST recording. Check this video for this Happy Weblogic learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact….

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Requirement- change the error icon to some other custom icon in error message. Solution- Go to your skin file and find af:message and change like below That’s it . happy learning with Vinay Kumar

Requirment- How to upload a file in ADF mobile Solution- ADF Mobile carries with it a similar set of declarative components, but what is missing is an easy way to upload a local file from the mobile device to a remote server. In ADF Faces one would use the component but there is no equivalent […]