How to create custom audit rules in Jdeveloper Custom audit rules in Jdeveloper extension from Vinay Kumar Happy Auditing with Vinay Kumar in techartifact.

Requirement- In your webcenter Portal application , if you dont want to use seeded navigation model and you create your own navigation model and you want to make your navigation model as default navigation model. Implementation – When you create an Webcenter portal application using create new application and selection Webenter Portal application then seeded […]

how to create and use page templates to provide common look and feel in Oracle ADF . Check this video for this Happy ADF learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact…

Requirement- change the error icon to some other custom icon in error message. Solution- Go to your skin file and find af:message and change like below That’s it . happy learning with Vinay Kumar

Requirment- How to upload a file in ADF mobile Solution- ADF Mobile carries with it a similar set of declarative components, but what is missing is an easy way to upload a local file from the mobile device to a remote server. In ADF Faces one would use the component but there is no equivalent […]

Requirement- Display master detail in tree and table without having view link. Solution- I have created an sample video, how to use it. You can download the sample application here Master-Detail using view criteria ) Happy Learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact

Requirement- How to implement character validation in richtext editor in ADF Solution- Please check video for implementation Download the sample workspace- RichTextEditorValidation Happy learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact….

Requirement – To get the using current Data source name in Application Module Implementation- Following source code will help you getting this Happy learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact….

Prerequisite – Webcenter portal and Webcenter Spaces should be installed and there schemas as well. Database should be installed in database. For this sample demo –I created sample tables in Webcenter schema . You can connect to database using creating new connection → Please find attached script and execute in the database. → Open the […]

Use Case – How dynamic task flow activated conditionally. Implementation – We have two ADF application .One is consumer application which have two task flow Now we have consumer application which show no task flow on load.Task flow will be shown on click of button .If you click task flow 1 then tf1 will be […]