Requirement -put a separator in commandMenuItem in af:Menu in Oracle ADF like below picture Quick tip – After trying i all skinning option , its better to put commandMenuItem inside the af:group. like below Thats it. happy learning with Vinay in Techartifact…

With chain of article of ADF skinning i.e. skinning of af:panelBox in Oracle ADF and !important CSS Declarations: How and when to use in ADF Skin. Today i will talk about skinning of panelTabbed Requirement – To do skinning of panelTabbed in ADF. Solution- For this, you have to understand this component .Header section contains […]

Requirement- To create center page using ADF faces. Implementation – Well you can also achieve using decorative box and panelStrechtLayout.I am going to show, how you can create centered page using af:panelGroupLayout and af:panelStretchLayout. Use af:panelStretchLayout -center facet->PanelGroupLayout (Halign as center).You can give size in px or % in top and bottom facet of af:panelStretchLayout […]

Oracle ADF is used to build large enterprise application. And if you want to have your application to run on high availabilty then you should understand what is High Availability (HA) . What is High Availability – High availability refers to the ability of users to access a system without loss of service. Deploying a […]

Hi All, If you are facing an error of JS like and you are handling enter key using AdfKeyStroke.ENTER_KEY Mozilla Firefox NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE: …eoutWarningTimer=null;if(this._timeoutTimer)this.cancelTimer(this._timeoutTimer)… IE Message: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object Don’t be afraid, its not your fault. It is happening in jdeveloper . Cause- Might be when we use AdfKeyStroke.ENTER_KEY, it generates […]

Yesterday , its an release of Fusion Middleware 12.1.3. The focus is mainly on SOA Suite 12c and WebLogic 12.1.3.For interesting point of Jdeveloper 12.1.3 . Main Features – Enhanced Maven Support -> New ADF “oracle-adffaces-ejb” archetype introduced to enable creating a basic ADF application using ADF Faces and EJB from Maven. -> JDeveloper now […]

Requirement – To change the background color of panelBox header in ADF. Solution- Intial it looks very easy.But its not.You cant change the background color of panelbox because, As the panel box is build using images (because of the rounded border) you have to use a set of images to change the color. try below […]

While designing in ADF skin.I came across of significance of !important. ADF developer always afraid of CSS like me. now we should understand meaning of this What it says; that ‘this is important, ignore subsequent rules, and any usual specificity issues, apply this rule!’ In normal use a rule defined in an external stylesheet is […]

ADF BC (Application module) manage the state of data. It have two locking mechanism -Optimistic Lock and Pessimistic Lock.Locking is Database specific feature which prevents users from different transactions to modify the same data concurrently. In ADF , we will specify the locking mode either as optimistic/Pessimistic in adf-config.xml file. We can the locking mode […]

Problem- Need to reset all the input Components in the page on the click of a button.On first thought developer think of do this in the bean by getting the binding of the outermost layout component and then using the getChildren() method for that UIComponent.Then for all the UI components in the list,set the reset […]