Recently my team was working on a task of Framework up-gradation from 2.0 to 4.0 during which they were struggling with upgrading of Dot Net Installers for some of the foundation softwares + SDK installers. The anxiety was at its best when just before last day of my sprint I found some hint on one […]

From past one week i have been scratching head to fulfill one of my projects business requirement to get Hotmail Contacts email address using Windows Live Connect API but the LIVE connect developer SDK says due to privacy reasons we do not expose users contact email address. The Hotmail Contact API returns contact basic info […]

There are three basic classifications of patterns Creational, Structural, and Behavioral patterns. Creational Patterns • Abstract Factory:- Creates an instance of several families of classes • Builder: – Separates object construction from its representation • Factory Method:- Creates an instance of several derived classes • Prototype:- A fully initialized instance to be copied or cloned • Singleton:- A class in […]

Its a common requirement that we require a captcha to be integrated on our page. I would like to mention a free captcha service which can be implemented in integrated on websites. What is reCaptcha? reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. It’s Free! Yep, […]

What is JSON? JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a light weight data interchange format. JSON is a subset of the literal object notation in JavaScript. It can be compared to XML but parsing of JSON is very much easier than XML data. It is a text format of data and is programming language independent. In […]

When using rewrite maps in IIS URL Rewrite it is very common to have a very large number of entries in a rewrite rules. In order to avoid cluttering the configuration file – web.config – with this configuration data the rewrite rules can be defined in a separate configuration file. That file can then be referenced from the web.config file. […]

Problem Statement In older versions of ASP.NET, When we select any row in a GridView or ListView controls, the selection is based on the row index of the page. For example, If we select row no 3 on page 1 and then move to page 2, we will see row no 3 again selected on […]

The Model View ViewModel (MVVM) is an architectural pattern used in software engineering that originated from Microsoft as a specialization of the Presentation Model design pattern introduced by Martin Fowler. Largely based on the Model-view-controller pattern (MVC), MVVM is targeted at modern UI development platforms (Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight) in which there is a […]

Nullable type in C# We can declare a variable as nullable when we want to know that a value has been assigned to that variable or not. Declaring a variable as nullable enables the HasValue and Value members. We can use the HasValue property on the variable to check if the value has been assigned […]

Big question today: What is the scope of .NET and J2EE platforms. Which one is more dominant in industry today? I want to answer this question in this post with my viewpoint with no intentions of hurting anybody but with a sole intention of increasing the knowledge of J2EE for .NET people and .NET for […]