Requirement – Calling a method on page load at render response time for jsf fragment in oracle ADF Solution – Alright. Few of ADF guys will say, use pagePhaseListener is answer. Well , you are not right .pagePhaseListener is work only in jspx , not in jsff. 🙁 . As i already written about pagePhaseListener […]

Can I override a static method? – No you cant Many people have heard that you can’t override a static method. This is true – you can’t. However it is possible to write code like this: This compiles and runs just fine. Isn’t it an example of a static method overriding another static method? The […]

Requirement – Executing AmImpl method in managed bean in Oracle ADF We can execute the AmImpl method in managed bean using following method.We can get the bindings object. happy coding with techartifact

Requirment – To call the method between the train flow in ADF. For this we need to use outcome property of view. You need to perform following activity. Wildcard control flow leading to first activity of the train stop, CollateSurveyAnswers. 1. Drag and drop a wildcard flow in task flow. 2. Drag and drop a […]

Requirment -invoke a method from Managed Bean when JSPX Page Loads in ADF. Suppose you have some method in managed bean, which you want to call on page load.For that Your managed bean should implement implements PagePhaseListener i.e You should import “oracle.adf.controller.v2.lifecycle.PagePhaseListener;” Now you will be calling method in beforePhase event of ADF page life […]

You can override prepareSession() in your custom Application Module class to do session-specific initializations, such as invoking a stored procedure to initialize the database state for the specific user, store user information, set application-wide configuration parameters based on the user and so on. You may extend the default implementation, as is often nessesary, in order […]