Elastic Search Index- What is that? Answer will not be as simple as sound. In layman language- An index is a data structure for storing the mapping of fields to the corresponding documents. The objective is to allow faster searches, often at the expense of increased memory usage and preprocessing time. Till now developers have […]

ADF performance tuning tips – Oracle adf performance tips from Vinay Kumar Happy coding with Vinay in Techartifact..

JSP or EL expression is not evaluated. I have seen couple of times JSP directly displaying the el-expression on webpages. It may be because of couple reasons 1) Typo in your jsp. 2) Attributes are not set in reqeust or pageContext. 3) You have not enabled EL expression in your JSP or not enabled in […]

Using java Collections to copy array list I have seen lot’s of people using Collections.copy and most of times you see this error on console Normally we use following code to copy an array-list Only problem in the above code is that for list items2 we are assuming that it has same capacity as list […]

Recently I was on client site of one of my companies prestigious client for the gathering of some new business requirement and understanding of their existing work model. I faced a typical yet very common problem which i think most of you have faced on your clientele’ visit. Dealing with multiple outlook profiles specially when […]

Jetspeed 2 has inbuilt feature of statics, statics engine track all the portlet, pages and users. All this information stored in database. so can be access and used any time. statics engine keep track of Number of time served Max time taken in executing page/portlet Avg time taken in executing page/portlet Min time taken in […]

In Jetspeed 2 portal registered users can retrieve there password using via email. In lot of instance portal administrator doesn’t configure mail server properly, Which causes this problem. Portal Administrator should fill following configuration in administration.xm under (WEB-INF/assembly/) to enable mail sending from jetspeed 2