Use Case – We have one jsff page and contains some inputtext .On same page there is one Save button and one Cancel button.When user came to the page and try to enter some value in input text field and user click on Cancel button, its not resetting InputText value.When user come on same page […]

Small tip on ADF. If you want to get value of DBSequence in El you can use below el for checking that. Happy coding with Vinay Kumar in techartifact……

Requirement -Get value of the outputtext in javascript and send it to backing bean in Oracle ADF Solution – We will use clientListener to call java script function and Serverlistener for calling java function Below is the code for accomplish this – page code – find javascript function code – method in bean happy coding […]

I found one approach to get the display value of LOV in managed bean using ¬†ADFUtils.evaluateEl method. Say if you have a value change listener for an lov, ¬†valueChangeEvent.getNewValue() gives the index of the value. To get the display value of the lov, use below logic ¬†: public void onDeptNameChange(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) { Say if you […]

Requirement – how to set value of attribute value in binding… Solutions – you can use this expression – You have to add this method in JsfUtils class. Note to call the getters and setters via your EL expression, you don’t include the get/set prefix. Happy coding in Techartifact with Vinay…

Another approach i am sharing with you.Normally we want to get selectOneChoice value and we normally get the index. We will creating an attribute in the selectOneChoice items and the selected value lable. and in the bean you can write as that’s it, you are done. Happy coding with Vinay Kumar in techartifact,,

Requirment-Get value of LOV/choiceList programmaticaly in bean instead of index in Oracle ADF When you wrote like In backing bean we get the index, not the value. most of the developer did this mistake. JSFUtils.resolveExpression(“#{bindings.EmployeeId.inputValue}”); —- We got the index Instead of use attributeValue to get the value in bean.use this code in the bean […]

Sometime in ADF application we want to set the value in different scope programmatic .How to do that. Use below code to do that.You can create a variable in any scope and put value in it Similarly you can get the value of any variable stored in any variable

Hi All, When ever we want to have value of some attribute we can use below code .It work fine in managed and backing bean . Create a java class and import and using below code get value of any attribute

public void selectOneChoice1_valueChangeListener(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) { //for iterator name click binding tab in the jsf page DCIteratorBinding listIter = getBindingsForDCB().findIteratorBinding(“yourViewObj1Iterator”); int curIndex = (Integer)valueChangeEvent.getNewValue(); Row datRow = listIter.getRowAtRangeIndex(curIndex); String name = (String)datRow.getAttribute(“Code”); //as in data control }