Quick Tip – If you are search component in region by javascript then follow code below or And if you are searching component through java then follow this blog entry by Edwin Happy learning with Vinay

JSF can save state of component tree in either session or on clients machine inform of serialized data . While creating component tree JSF creates a key and keep all objects of component tree as UIViewRoot in session with against it.For next JSF request it will use same key to restore that view 🙂 For […]

Requirement – How get handle to components which are inside the af:iterator component in ADF Implementation – -> Bind iterator to bean instance (of UIXIterator). -> From your logic, to read through components data, you can use .getRowCount() for for loop and then to access data from each child, you can use

Requirement – How to Create a UCM custom component Solutions- Please follow the below steps – Starting the componentWizard – CD to the path where the component wizard is. [[email protected] ~]$ cd /oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ucm_domain/ucm/cs/bin // this path will of your weblogic domain [[email protected] bin]$ ./ComponentWizard 1. Goto Options -> Add You get the below window. Fill […]

Requirement – How to get intradoc server port in custom component in Webcenter Content. Solution – We can use one class called sharedObject which give us environment value.One of my friend(Jonathan) helped me in this. use SharedObjects.getEnvironmentValue(“IntradocServerPort”) will give you intraDocServer port. Read more on http://jonathanhult.com/intradoc-api/intradoc/shared/SharedObjects.html Quick tip in end of weekend Happy coding with […]

Requirement – Making sort of master detail iteration by selecting tree node and refresh another table in same page. Solutions- This application is based on default HR schema. Using country view we are making an tree. When we select any of county node in tree, all location respective to countries will display to right side.Note- […]

Today i got one of the requirment to get the binding of some component which is binding in another managed bean. This is something tedious requirment i have.. Well in JSF 2.0 you can get very easily by using below code You can write above code as below as well

Method call-Provide a way to execute code within the flow. Router – Provided way to branch the flow based on condition or by el. Save Point Restore: Allows developer to take a snapshot of and ,then resotre,application state at specific point in flow. Task Flow Call-Allow task flow to be called from this task flow. […]