Asset development with webcenter portal 12c Happy learning with Vinay

Shared library – WebLogic Shared Library is an Enterprise Application Archive, a stand-alone EJB, a Web Application module, or a JAR file that is registered with Oracle WebLogic Server as a shared library. The library resources can be shared between multiple applications, alleviating the need to have duplicate copies of the resources in each application. […]

Oracle open world 2014 went few days back.It held in 28 September to 3rd October 2014. OpenWorld 2014 was dominated by jet lag. Apart from jet lag, main focus on this OOW is cloud. Every one talking about the cloud.Talking about updates from OOW.I will more focus on OOW on ADF/webcenter side. First day (Sunday) […]

With chain of article of ADF skinning i.e. skinning of af:panelBox in Oracle ADF and !important CSS Declarations: How and when to use in ADF Skin. Today i will talk about skinning of panelTabbed Requirement – To do skinning of panelTabbed in ADF. Solution- For this, you have to understand this component .Header section contains […]

I have been chosen for the Oracle ACE award.I had accepted it.Now, I am an Oracle ACE! I’m proud and humbled to be part of this group of technical Oracle experts, and hope to live up to their standards.This great title comes with great responsibilities.Now i am more responsible for add more knowledge to the […]

Spring framework in depth from Vinay Kumar Happy Coding with Vinay Kumar in techartifact…

Requirement- To get the current current node of tree table and get value of that node. Solution- we will get the rowKeySet of the treetable.The using findNodeByKeyPath method , we will get the selected node.I already posted to get selected row of tree Happy coding with Vinay Kumar in Techartifact

HashSet: – Class offers constant time performance for the basic operations (add, remove, contains and size). – It does not guarantee that the order of elements will remain constant over time – Iteration performance depends on the initial capacity and the load factor of the HashSet. – It’s quite safe to accept default load factor […]

Requirment- Need an object of Application module in managed bean Sometime we required to get an object of ApplicationModule in managed bean.May be we want to play with some VO object which we can get from ApplicationModuleImpl Object only. There are two ways. First way- Above AppModuleAMDataControl is name of application module in datacontrolBinding.cpx,open datacontrol […]

Requirment – In calendar component , we need to show data for last 15 days and next 30 days in list mode. Solution-Seems little tricky. But not much.Let check out in calendar property. Well there is property called ActiveDay and ListCount. We will be binding the ActiveDay with a managed bean and setting ActiveDay from […]