Requirement- Display UCM images on the page or as link, so that user click of that image and can open in new window Implementation – You can also have my previous videos to make connection between portal and content and other video Content Presenter in Webcenter Portal or Content Integration Using Folder viewer in Webcenter […]

Webcenter application performance tuning guide from Vinay Kumar Happy tuning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact

Requirement -provide detailed step-by-step procedure for preparing your system for the installation of Oracle WebCenter 11g and Oracle UCM 11g on 64-bit Linux environment.   Pre-requisites for Oracle WebCenter 11g and Oracle UCM 11g Installation Check the following pre-requisites on your system where WebCenter and UCM installation need to be done – Before starting the […]

Requirement- For one of custom metadata type of memo’s size 2000 and want to increase to 4000 Solution- Log into your content server with administrative privileges or as weblogic and select Admin Server from the Administration menu. Click the button for the instance you will be working with and then select General Configuration from the […]

Requirement – How to Create a UCM custom component Solutions- Please follow the below steps – Starting the componentWizard – CD to the path where the component wizard is. [[email protected] ~]$ cd /oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ucm_domain/ucm/cs/bin // this path will of your weblogic domain [[email protected] bin]$ ./ComponentWizard 1. Goto Options -> Add You get the below window. Fill […]

Requirement – How to get intradoc server port in custom component in Webcenter Content. Solution – We can use one class called sharedObject which give us environment value.One of my friend(Jonathan) helped me in this. use SharedObjects.getEnvironmentValue(“IntradocServerPort”) will give you intraDocServer port. Read more on Quick tip in end of weekend Happy coding with […]

Idoc script beginner guide – A must to know before working on IDOC.If you start working on IDOC, you should read the basic of IDOC script. Idoc script beginner guide from Vinay Kumar

In order to get things started you need to install the WebCenter extensions for JDeveloper, create a WebCenter Portal project and configure a Content Server connection to point to a running instance of UCM 11g.. Once you have these in place, you can start programming RIDC. I will describe below the most useful operations that […]

Requirment -I got task to accomplish to Search UCM using RIDC. Solution– After spending so much time on it.I got solution on some blog.Not recall the blog name.for my reference , i am writing here. We need to change some confi file which is in specified path – Oracle/middleware/userprojects/yourdomain/ucm/cs/config/confing.cfg There will be property name ‘SearchIndexerEngineName’ […]

Ways to integrate content into a WebCenter Portal application using any of the following methods: ■ Content data controls. Use JCR adapters to enable read-only access to content in an Oracle Content Server, Oracle Portal, or SharePoint content repository, and maintain tight control over the way the content displays in a WebCenter Portal application. This […]