Requirement – Re ordering of UI component using java code. Seems to be little tricky. Solutions – Well , yes you can achieve that.For example, you are working on UI design in which you need to display two table inside panelGroupLayout. PanelGroupLayout Table 1 Table 2 Now you want on some condition , it should […]

Requirement – Making sort of master detail iteration by selecting tree node and refresh another table in same page. Solutions- This application is based on default HR schema. Using country view we are making an tree. When we select any of county node in tree, all location respective to countries will display to right side.Note- […]

Requirement – Executing AmImpl method in managed bean in Oracle ADF We can execute the AmImpl method in managed bean using following method.We can get the bindings object. happy coding with techartifact

Requirement- Access one Managed Bean from another in JSF Solution- There are two ways- Dependency Injection We can use JSF 2 @ManagedProperty annotation In the managed bean add a @ManagedProperty annotation to the related property Usingthrough faces-config.xml Following are the constraints: -> The current bean must have scope which is the same as or shorter […]

Requirment -invoke a method from Managed Bean when JSPX Page Loads in ADF. Suppose you have some method in managed bean, which you want to call on page load.For that Your managed bean should implement implements PagePhaseListener i.e You should import “oracle.adf.controller.v2.lifecycle.PagePhaseListener;” Now you will be calling method in beforePhase event of ADF page life […]

Today i got one of the requirment to get the binding of some component which is binding in another managed bean. This is something tedious requirment i have.. Well in JSF 2.0 you can get very easily by using below code You can write above code as below as well