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In recent times there is lot of growth in RESTFul services. I thought it would be nice to talk about it. This example is using Apache CXF and Spring. There are some other frameworks e.g Jersey (Reference Sun implementation), RestEasy, the JBoss choice and Apache CXF. Here is bacic web configuration adding Spring context and […]

In web application ApplicationContext is created using Context Loaders. there are two implementations of context loader. ContextLoaderListener : It is listener implementation that is added to web.xml file. ContextLoaderServlet : It is servlet implementation that is configured with load-on-startup tag in web.xml. ContextLoaderListener is simple way to use the spring in web application. this listener […]

There is a lot of confusion about the definition of the IoC container – some equate it with a design pattern called Dependency Injection – but in reality IoC is much larger than dependency injection. Inversion of Control (IoC) is an object-oriented programming practice where the object coupling is bound at run time by an […]

Suppose you have a scenario like this : you have a class A which requires an instance of class B and class B requires instance of class A . So this is called circular dependencies and you are configuring this using constructor injection like this : Eg: And configuration will be like this : When […]

Spring MVC is part of Springframework. It allow us to create application based on MVC design pattern in way that, we can leverage other features of Spring like authentication, ORM, AOP and others. In Spring MVC core component is the DispatcherServlet{link}, It works as front-controller. All request are processed by DispatcherServlet. It is also responbile […]

Spring allows to you, to fall-back on system properties, if you not added any corresponding values with that. That is really a cool feature. If you need to look up,some system properties , you don’t need to do any thing just configure your bean and Spring will take care that. These are the some of […]

Spring LDAP 1.3.0.RELEASE This is a major release, containing more than 50 fixes compared to the 1.2.1 version; modifications varying in importance from internal modifications and minor fixes to important bug fixes and and significant functionality additions. Most importantly we now provide a means to perform simple LDAP authentication directly in LdapTemplate. Other useful improvements […]