Prerequisite – Webcenter portal and Webcenter Spaces should be installed and there schemas as well. Database should be installed in database. For this sample demo –I created sample tables in Webcenter schema . You can connect to database using creating new connection → Please find attached script and execute in the database. → Open the […]

Performance Analysis of a Portal application or any application look tedious and tricky task .Reason portal application consist of various other task flow from different resources.Talking for webcenter portal portal application have awesome feature of performance analysis called Portal Page Performance Analyzer. With WebCenter Portal however, this process becomes extremely simple and efficient. […]

Requirement- How to deploy custom ADF task flow to Webcenter spaces Solutions-You can extend or alter the look and feel and functionality of Oracle WebCenter Spaces task flows using the Oracle JDeveloper Customization Developer role. If you want to build custom task flow application to spaces.If you want 100% customization then you can use custom […]

To initialize, there are two ways of doing that.either using method call activity and using initializer of task flow. An initializer is custom code that is invoked when an ADF bounded task flow is entered. You specify both the initializer and finalizer as an EL expression for a method on a managed bean, for example, […]

Method call-Provide a way to execute code within the flow. Router – Provided way to branch the flow based on condition or by el. Save Point Restore: Allows developer to take a snapshot of and ,then resotre,application state at specific point in flow. Task Flow Call-Allow task flow to be called from this task flow. […]

Recently I have faced a problem, when was trying to navigate to ADF Task Flow Call activity. The problem was, that I was initiating navigation from inside the region and navigation flow was defined not in bounded region ADF Task Flow, but inside parent bounded page ADF Task Flow. This means, navigation outcome from parent […]

Passing Data within a Task Flow – It is a common use case to pass parameters from ADF Task Flow with fragments into another ADF Task Flow without fragments.f the bounded task flows referenced by ADF regions share the data control scope and the transaction – we can access parameter directly through Expression Language. If […]