The task at hand is to validate the Textbox in for a valid email address. We can attach a RegularExpressionValidator to the text box with the following regular expression: UPDATES Well i searched the net for the standards of a valid email id and i came across with a wonderful article at I Knew […]

This post will throw a light on how we can update our status on Twitter from an application. The task is pretty simple as we have libraries already available on the net. I will be using twitterizer dll to perform the task. The following are the steps to be followed: Download the twitterizer dll […]

Want to add a cool forum in your .net application? A forum where users can perform all the functions which are being used in the latest applications available till now? YetAnotherForum.NET An opensource project YetAnotherForum.NET is the answer to the questions raised above. YetAnotherForum.NET (YAF) is a Open Source discussion forum or bulletin board system […]

Want to play MP3 files using C#.NET? Or want to introduce voice recording in your .net application? NAudio is the open source answer for these questions. OverView NAudio is an open source .NET audio and MIDI library, containing dozens of useful audio related classes intended to speed development of audio related utilities in .NET. NAudio […]

Want to send an email from your .net application? Just use the following code and don’t forget to put in the valid SMTP server id in the code and your email will be sent.

Following method can be used to write errors into a log file through an application.

Hashed passwords provide much better security than storing passwords in the database as simple text. They are, however, potentially vulnerable to a dictionary attack. In a dictionary attack, the attacker attempts to guess passwords by using software to iteratively hash all words in a large dictionary and compare the generated hashes to the stored hash […]

Every application uses username and password to provide security to the systems. The way an application handles the storage of password defines the level of security provided by the application. The password should not be stored in the database as a string. Rather, it should be converted to an unrecognizable value that is unique for […]

One feature of refactoring that is available in .NET now is the ability to obsolete your properties or methods. Say you have a method (or other member) in your application that is no longer needed or whose signature needs to be changed. You could delete or change the method, and then find and modify all […]