While designing in ADF skin.I came across of significance of !important. ADF developer always afraid of CSS like me. 😛 now we should understand meaning of this What it says; that ‘this is important, ignore subsequent rules, and any usual specificity issues, apply this rule!’ In normal use a rule defined in an external stylesheet […]

When adding two attributes of oracle.jbo.domain.Number type in Expression Language like EmpSal and EmpBonus as below  : #{bindings.bindings.EmpSal.inputValue + bindings.EmpBonus.inputValue} or adding number 1000 to EmpSal as  : #{bindings.bindings.EmpSal.inputValue + 1000} You may get below exception : Unexpected exception caught: java.util.MissingResourceException, msg=Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key el.convert To Eliminate this Exception, Add EmpSal and EmpBonus as […]

Requirement – Checking if data modified in viewobject ADF Solution-You can use isDirty() method provided by API to get status another way few more use case i found on internet i.e http://oracleadfhowto.blogspot.de/2012/03/iterator-uncommitted-data-availability.html, so thought of sharing that as well – 1. If you are using iterator based UI component like table: Expression #{row.row.entities[0].entityState} will return […]

There are multiple ways .I will list down few of them. Using Old and standard java solution – if you using Google-Collections/Guava- If you can use Apache Common library..then this is useful – Quick way but only work in deserialization process – Note:ObjectInputStream is about deserialization, and the stream have to respect the serialization protocol […]

Requirement – How to Create a UCM custom component Solutions- Please follow the below steps – Starting the componentWizard – CD to the path where the component wizard is. [[email protected] ~]$ cd /oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/ucm_domain/ucm/cs/bin // this path will of your weblogic domain [[email protected] bin]$ ./ComponentWizard 1. Goto Options -> Add You get the below window. Fill […]

Interesting facts about the JRE – Every Java developer use each day classes from the JRE, there are some most used classes like String and Array and others less known like Corba ones. In this article we will discuss about some JRE facts that can be helpful to know. For that we will analyze the […]

Hi, This week we will be learning how to create LOVs in Oracle ADF application. Pre-requisites: – HR Schema in Oracle database. – I am using Jdeveloper 11.1.3 Objective: On this post we will create LOV for Department Id in Simple Employee based form. Steps to follow: Adding Department Entity: – Add Departments Entity by […]