Jetspeed 2.2.0 The Jetspeed 2.2.0 release is a major release of the Jetspeed-2 portal and is the first release of Jetspeed that is fully compliant with the Java Portlet Specification 2.0. With this new version of Jetspeed. Jetspeed 2 See Latest jetspeed in action demo Use the username admin connects using the password j2 New […]

Jetspeed is an Open Portal Platform, written entirely in open source under the Apache license in Java and XML. Jetspeed allows to build your own custom portal based on jetspeed or to use base jetspeed. You download out-box jetspeed from download, It comes with Jetspeed portal server and j2-admin(Jetspeed administrative portlet application) Jetspeed out-of-box comes […]

Jetspeed 2 authenticate user’s with JAAS. Jetspeed installer and maven plug-in both configure tomcat for JAAS authentication. I have seen people facing problem in configuring JAAS in different application server e.g Websphere, Jboss etc.In some case user face error in tomcat too. This is the common error log, if JAAS is not configured properly […]

Jetspeed-2 installation Jetspeed-2 (JS2) portal installation is very easy and simple,still i have seen lot of people having trouble in installation. Its very important to under-stand, what exactly is required to run jetspeed. Jetspeed in more generic way an web application, which is serving user request as portal and requires three simple thing to run […]

Websphere 6.1 and above comes with in-built portlet container. Websphere load portlet api with all web application. There is no settings in adminstraive console to disable portlet container, it is an over-ahead on memory. This specifically make an problem or java based portal server e.g ¬†jetspeed-2 , Liferay etc. There is only one way to […]

Jetspeed 2 has inbuilt feature of statics, statics engine track all the portlet, pages and users. All this information stored in database. so can be access and used any time. statics engine keep track of Number of time served Max time taken in executing page/portlet Avg time taken in executing page/portlet Min time taken in […]

In Jetspeed 2 portal registered users can retrieve there password using via email. In lot of instance portal administrator doesn’t configure mail server properly, Which causes this problem. Portal Administrator should fill following configuration in administration.xm under (WEB-INF/assembly/) to enable mail sending from jetspeed 2

Jetspeed 2 gives you an user-friendly interface to import or export psml/link/folder from portal. Its doesn’t matter that you are using db or file system to store your pages. This feature is available in portal site manager. For importing or exporting, you just need to select the node from tree structure and export or import […]

Apache jetspeed 2, first released happen 16 Mar 2006. Since that time Jetspeed 2 is leading java portals. lot of big portals are based on jetspeed container. Jetspeed-2 is using pluto, as jsr1-168 implementation. There is no doubt to say jetspeed 2 is one of the best java based portal server avaible right now. There […]