If you have access to the index of the selected item, then you can use value to retrieve value of any attribute of the underlying view object. I agree that with new releases there are more direct approaches in doing so, however, depending on the business requirement, the following method may just come handy – […]

When adding two attributes of oracle.jbo.domain.Number type in Expression Language like EmpSal and EmpBonus as below  : #{bindings.bindings.EmpSal.inputValue + bindings.EmpBonus.inputValue} or adding number 1000 to EmpSal as  : #{bindings.bindings.EmpSal.inputValue + 1000} You may get below exception : Unexpected exception caught: java.util.MissingResourceException, msg=Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key el.convert To Eliminate this Exception, Add EmpSal and EmpBonus as […]

Requirement – how to set value of attribute value in binding… Solutions – you can use this expression – You have to add this method in JsfUtils class. Note to call the getters and setters via your EL expression, you don’t include the get/set prefix. Happy coding in Techartifact with Vinay…

In Adf application we normally used popup.We have one of the property and attribute of popup is contentDelivery . ContentDelivery attribute of an af:popup component controls the popup initialization time and how does the data get refreshed within the popup. The default content delivery is lazy. This means the content of the popup is not […]

Hi All, When ever we want to have value of some attribute we can use below code .It work fine in managed and backing bean . Create a java class and import and using below code get value of any attribute

As, i am working on my project.I have to use cancel button.So somebody said make immediate attribute to true.There is very common myth among ADF and JSF developers that using Immediate attribute will avoid unnecessary validation in any case. It is not 100% correct. Basically , everyone not very much clear about it. If we […]