Its a common requirement that we require a captcha to be integrated on our page. I would like to mention a free captcha service which can be implemented in integrated on websites. What is reCaptcha? reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. It’s Free! Yep, […]

Nullable type in C# We can declare a variable as nullable when we want to know that a value has been assigned to that variable or not. Declaring a variable as nullable enables the HasValue and Value members. We can use the HasValue property on the variable to check if the value has been assigned […]

C# 3.0 introduced a very compact way of initializing objects of a class. Previously we used to initialize objects like this: Now, with the new feature known as Anonymous Constructors or Object Intializers we can do the same code in C# 3.0 and above like this: In the C# 3.0 code, there is no constructor […]

The task at hand is to validate the Textbox in for a valid password which should be an alphanumeric string consisting of numbers and alphabets only. It should have atleast 1 number and 1 a We can attach a RegularExpressionValidator to the text box with the following regular expression:

Abstract classes Abstract class is class which contain one or more abstract methods, which is implemented by sub classes. An abstract class can contain no abstract methods but also containe mehtod with body. Abstract classes are useful in a situation when some general methods should be implemented and specialization behavior should be implemented by subclasses.Abstract […]

To create a new XmlDocument, start by creating an XmlDocument object. The XmlDocument object contains CreateElement and CreateAttribute methods that are used to add nodes to the XmlDocument object. The XmlElement contains the Attributes property, which is an XmlAttribute-Collection. The XmlAttributeCollection inherits from the XmlNamedNodeMap class, which is a collection of names with corresponding values. […]