Finally, i made it. Reached last legendary status(Guru) in Oracle’s official ADF/Webcenter Forum (Oracle Technology Network), one of the best forum on Oracle Technology. Good learning experience.Love to participate on OTN. 🙂 Thanks everybody who assigned points to me..!! To Visit to my OTN profile click here

The folks at Packt asked me to review another of their book on Learning EXTJS 4 If you are interested in buying it (a judgment you may reserve until after you have read the review)EXTJS4 is on packt site this is link you can go.Learning EXtJs 4 is on packt site Crysfel Villa ,Armando Gonzalez […]

ADF developers you are now mobile developers! Start building iOS and Android applications that leverage HTML5 and Java – with JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Today, Oracle released the ‘Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile’, the long awaited for mobile development framework. You can load it as zip file for installation from a file from Oracle […]

The Apache Empire-db team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Empire-db version 2.4.0. Apache Empire-db is a lightweight data access and persistence component for relational databases based on JDBC. * New Empire-db JSF extensions project (empire-db-jsf2) allows simplified web development with JFS 2.x implementations. An example project is provided. * Various smaller […]