Book Review : Learning Ext JS 4

The folks at Packt asked me to review another of their book on Learning EXTJS 4 If you are interested in buying it (a judgment you may reserve until after you have read the review)EXTJS4 is on packt site
this is link you can go.Learning EXtJs 4 is on packt site

Crysfel Villa ,Armando Gonzalez are author of this book.Crysfel Villa is a Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience with JavaScript on a daily basis.Armando Gonzalez is a Software Engineer with more than 4 years of experience
in developing enterprise applications with Ext JS. He has plenty of experience in
server-side technologies like PHP, Java J2EE, Node JS, and ROR.

The first thing you will probably notice is the size of the document. This is no brief summary of the new features. This is small book of over 40 pages covering to learn a new java script librart with a full index in the back. The structure of the book is:
Business overview

Step 1 – The Basics
Step 2 – The Core Concepts
Step 3 – Components and Layouts
Step 4 – It’s All About the Data
Step 5 – Buttons and Toolbars
Step 6 – Doing it with Forms
Step 7 –Give me the Grid
Step 8 – Architecture
Step 9 – DataViews and Templates
Step 10- The Tree Panel
Step 11 – Drag and Drop
Step 12 – Look and Feel
Step 13- From Drawing to Charting

I like this structure as it parallels the steps one would take in setting up a EXTJS 4. To add a bit of a flow to the book, they also put it in the examples,real life scenarios.

Its more a starter book.This book focuses on giving the reader a firm understanding of the core concepts of EXTJS, such as Drag and Drop and tree panel, and works through real-life app development scenarios. All core components of EXTJS’s amazing library are covered in detail, and strategies are outlined for getting the best use of time when developing with EXTJS.

Few components which i like to mention , which i enjoy reading alot – a clear explanation of how to make drag drop using EXTJS.
How tree panel compoenent work.How you can make charts components for example pie,bar , gauage. Skinning of application is well defined.

OVer all i can say this book for beginner.Few new features which is added in EXT JS 4 is added and describe well.A must purchase for those who want to learn EXT JS 4. You can also download the code which is available with the book

Happy coding with Techartifact and packt….

Oracle ADF Mobile goes production

ADF developers you are now mobile developers! Start building iOS and Android applications that leverage HTML5 and Java – with JDeveloper and Oracle ADF

Today, Oracle released the ‘Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile’, the long awaited for mobile development framework. You can load it as zip file for installation from a file from Oracle ADF Mobile web page. Go to the download tab and make sure you select the ‘Oracle ADF Mobile’ from the list.

On the Oracle web page you find additional material, including a demo of an application build using ADF Mobile.
The extension allows to create application for iOs and Android!

Some key Features –

 Develop once, and deploy to Apple iOS and Google Android devices, from the same code base.
 Reuse your development skills and tools – development is done mostly in Java and web-based technologies such as CSS, using visual editors and wizards in Oracle JDeveloper.
 Deliver a flexible runtime architecture –application can be constructed using a combination of the declarative ADF
AMX UI components, local HTML5 developed using third
party frameworks, and remote HTML pages.
 Support mobile-optimized user experiences, for both tablets and smart phones.
 Integrate with device native services – such as on-device camera, location-based service, contact applications, etc, to
support application functionality.
 Work offline – the entire application can run on-device against a local database.
 Secure – integrate with enterprise security infrastructure, and provide authentication and access control services. All
data/credential stores and communication channels are encrypted.

Key Components of Oracle ADF Mobile
Oracle ADF Mobile-based application is consisted of the follow key components:
 Thin native framework for each supported platform
 PhoneGap libraries in the container to support device services integration
 HTML5 based UI components that deliver a device-native user experience
 A light weight Java VM is embedded to support the application logic written in Java
 An encrypted SQLite database engine
 Encrypted credential store and authentication/authorization services.

I will try to explore more and come back again…….