When you shutdown WebCenter, the apache weblogic mod takes over the control of error pages and shows: Failure of server APACHE bridge: No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF. Let’s face it that’s not user friendly and needs to be replaced with a nice page. Solution […]

Requirement – I have seen many people asking in OTN forum regarding, how to upload with page template or with skin in webcenter. Today sharing with you all. In wcp normally you don’t have check box to upload content directory with images, javascript or some static file in portal. If you export some asset […]

Requirement- To create center page using ADF faces. Implementation – Well you can also achieve using decorative box and panelStrechtLayout.I am going to show, how you can create centered page using af:panelGroupLayout and af:panelStretchLayout. Use af:panelStretchLayout -center facet->PanelGroupLayout (Halign as center).You can give size in px or % in top and bottom facet of af:panelStretchLayout […]

how to create and use page templates to provide common look and feel in Oracle ADF . Check this video for this Happy ADF learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact…

Requirment- Resolving ADF_FACES-30107: The view state of the page has expired. Load the page again. ugly error actually.- you don’t know what went wrong- and you will see a very long error message like ADF_FACES-30107: The view state of the page has expired. Load the page again……………………………………………………………………….. What’s the problemFirst understand , why we get […]

Requirement – to understand the concept of page variable for storing temporary page value. Use Case- We have a check box and a table.on checking of checkbox we should show table otherwise we should not show the table. Normally most of ADF developer will say– oh , its easy, they bind checkbox with managed bean […]

When we using JavaScript with ADF, the AdfPage.PAGE.findComponentByAbsoluteId() and AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent() are useful. -> Search by the component ID – use findComponentByAbsoluteId function -> Search in component that stamps its children – use findComponentByAbsoluteLocator function Relative Search -> Use findComponent function. This function searches the component clientId which can be renderer implementation specific. you can write […]

In your ADF web application you may want to use javaScript functions to perform some actions in client side. You can either add inline JavaScript directly to a page or you can import JavaScript libraries into a page. When you import libraries, you reduce the page content size, the libraries can be shared across pages, […]