java.lang.OutOfMemory Java Heap Space error in JDeveloper

Quite annoying error and you don’t know what went wrong.

Well you can resolve by yourself.

First step – Search for ide.conf and jdev.conf in you JDeveloper installation folder like …/jdeveloper/ide/bin/ide.conf

Second step-In ide.conf file, copy extactly these properties into that.
AddVMOption -Xmx940M
AddVMOption -Xms128M

Third Step – In jdev.conf file, make sure the following properties are set exactly the same
AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=356M

Fourth Step – Disable the SVN versioning system that is built into JDeveloper.Uncheck the checkbox for Subversion for example support for GIT

In JDeveloper -> Choose Versioning menu -> Choose Configure -> Uncheck “Versioning support for Subversion”

Happy learning with Vinay in Techartifact…..