My First Generosity – split function

Here My first try to put some useful VC++ code..

This is function which similar to VB Split command more or less of STRTOK with output as an array.

If need include this as I am using CString for an array out.

//#include <afx.h> //#include <afxcmn.h>
Function here follows.
CString *split(CString str,char delimiter)
{  long len=0;  if(str.IsEmpty())  return NULL;  len=str.GetLength();  CString *st;  st=new CString[len];  int c=0;  while(1)  { int pos=str.Find(delimiter);   if(pos!=-1)   {  st=str.Left(pos); str.Delete(0,pos+1);  }  else  { st=str;  break;  }   c++;  }  return st;

This function can be used with different delimiters, as an example here below:

CString strFulltext = "Hello World this is Abhay Menon";CString *strArry = split(strFulltext,' ');

output like:


Well hope you like this piece of code..


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Coding Conventions Java

Since computer programming language is there, Developer are talking about standard conventions. All-though there recommended conventions are given by all Authors, but in practically it solely depends on Company. Lot of conventions are only talk about readable code.

Conventions normally covers file Name, file organization, indentation, comments, declarations, statements, white space, naming conventions, programming practices and includes a code example.

We should follow because of number of reasons:

  • 80% of the lifetime cost of a piece of software goes to maintenance.
  • Hardly any software is maintained for its whole life by the original author.
  • Code conventions improve the readability of the software, allowing engineers to understand new code more quickly and thoroughly.

For Java Sun has published coding conventions in 1999. Download Sun’s conventions click following links



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