IE 11 certified with Webcenter portal now

Oracle has now certified IE11 (Internet Explorer 11) for WebCenter Portal and You need to implement patch up to with the latest Bundle Patch – kindly refer to Note 1087226.1


Error the end users will see, in IE11 (within a popup):

You are using an unsupported browser. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox and higher, Safari 3.1.2 and higher, and Google Chrome 1.0 or higher.

Example of the popup screen:

Unsupported Browser

In summary, there are a number of differences between Microsoft IE 11 and former versions, where one that makes more difference is the change of the User-Agent header string

WebCenter Portal 11g Certification

Hi All,

Another exam , i gave now Oracle Webcenter 11g essential exam that mean IZ0-541.I somehow , managed to pass.So ,now i am now Oracle Webcenter portal 11g certified implementation specialist. 🙂

Tips for new candidates – Its bit tricky and confusing too.I found one question have all options are wrong. weird isn’t it? All options are wrong,
focus on Webcenter spaces,content , how to add different portal using which protocol and so on.few question on ADF too.Passing percentage 65%.Time to complete exam is 120 mintues The questions were confusing.

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