New Way to Pass Querystrings into Dynamically Loaded Usercontrol in ASP.NET


How to pass values into a usercontrol as querystrings in
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  1. One Can definitely use Session Variables to give the functionality. Set the session variable value in the page and then retrieve the value in the user control.
  2. Another way is to set the Public Property for the userControl.
  3. And one solution is described below which i implemented successfully. It also works for dynamically loaded usercontrol.

The Alternative New Method:

Method is simple:

  1. Add Invisible buttons(or label) to the user control on the page where it will be rendered.
  2. Set the text property of the buttons to the value of the querystring.

    UserControl mycontrol = new UserControl();
    mycontrol = (UserControl)Page.LoadControl(“./UserControls/CustomCallDetailsChart.ascx”);

    Button btnName=new Button();
    btnName.Visible = false;
    mycontrol.Controls.AddAt(0, btnName);


  3. In the page load event of the usercontrol find the control and typecast the text value to the required datatype.
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Button btnName = (Button)this.Controls[0];
    this.ChartName = btnName.Text.ToString();

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