Get context root or URL of ADF / Webcenter application


I have requirement to get the context root in javascript on page load.Not on any event.If you need on java you can try my previous solution like get the current viewId or url in ADF using ControllerContext. Following solution will work in any application

Try this

window.location.protocol = “http:” // gives you protocol = “”
window.location.pathname = “blogs/2015/08/building-taskflow-for-reuse.html”

var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split(‘/’);
var secondLevelLocation = pathArray[1]; // this will give you the context root of application

Similarly you can get the current page number or param etc in javascript.

Similarly if you need this context root on some button event you can try like passing it using a af:clientAttribute and EL as *#{facesContext.externalContext.request.contextPath}*

<af:document id=”d1”>
<af:resource type="javascript">
        function onLoad(evt){
            var path=evt.getSource().getProperty("pagePath");
            window.location.replace(path);// here we were trying a redirect , just an example
        <af:clientListener method="onLoad" type="load"/>
        <af:clientAttribute name="pagePath"


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