Oracle Webcenter Capture architecture

Following is the architecture of Oracle Webcenter capture. Oracle Webcenter capture involves document scanning and metadata extraction with Webcenter form recongnition (WFR).

Oracle WebCenter Imaging, Capture and Forms Recognition technologies provide an enterprise-class imaging platform for end-to-end management of document images within transactional business processes. It’s a solution that provides comprehensive content management and business process management capabilities – from document capture and recognition, to imaging and workflow – delivered through open, productized integrations with Oracle’s business applications and built on the Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure.

Imaging: Provides imaging and business process management capabilities for enterprise and business applications, such as an end-to-end invoice processing solution for Oracle’s Financial Management applications to facilitate processing large volumes of invoices with high upfront data extraction accuracy to minimize the need for human intervention.

Capture: Streamlines the capture process of paper and electronic documents. It supports high volume production scanning and a user-friendly web interface that allows enterprises to easily capture images from remote locations. It offers industry-standard image capture from scanners and flexible indexing options.

Forms Recognition: Provides a learning-based intelligent document recognition solution that can recognize, categorize and extract information from any type of document. It uses intelligence, not templates, to effectively locate, extract, and link data to back-end systems and processes.

Webcenter Capture architecture

IPM Architecture-BA

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Webcenter Sites Architecture

Webcenter Sites 11g product Architecture –

Webcenter Site 11g Architecture

Webcenter Core Architecture –

Webcenter Site 11g Core Architecture

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