Increase size of your jdeveloper

Jdeveloper tips- when you get out-of-memory crashing Oracle JDeveloper .You can quickly increase size of it like below –

Memory settings are located in: %JDEV_HOME%\jdeveloper\ide\bin\ide.conf
Default is apparantly 640MB and can be found at the line:

AddVMOption -Xmx640M

increase to 1024 for instance:

AddVMOption -Xmx1024M

JDeveloper/ADF 12c is here….

Oracle released a new version of JDeveloper 12c. It is available for download now.
Many features are added in the new version.Few of them are listed below –

Java EE 6 Support –
JDeveloper wizards and editors have been updated to work with Java EE 6 specifications, including EJB 3.1, Servlet 3.0, CDI, JPA 2.0, EL 2.2, and more.

HTML5, MathML and CSS3 Support – Updated editors for working with latest HTML5 and CSS3 content.

EJB 3.1 Support – JDeveloper provides support for new EJB 3.1 features including:
— Singleton Session Bean
— Simplified No Interface Client View
— Asynchronous Session Bean Invocations

New Component: Timeline – is an interactive data visualization that allows users to view events in chronological order and easily navigate forwards and backwards within a defined time range.for example , we have in facebook.

Support for offline databases-
This feature enables the user to work with offline databases. The user can create new offline database objects based on existing objects in a database

Web Service Data Control Enhancements-

— Support for all REST operations
— Create a Web Service Data control from RESTful service URL

Oracle Public Cloud– Connect to, browse, and upload database objects to your Database Cloud Service in Oracle Public Cloud.

Read in detail –Jdeveloper 12c features

In future , i will blog about new features in details….

Happy coding in Jdeveloper 12c with Vinay šŸ˜‰

java.lang.OutOfMemory Java Heap Space error in JDeveloper

Quite annoying error and you don’t know what went wrong.

Well you can resolve by yourself.

First step – Search for ide.conf and jdev.conf in you JDeveloper installation folder like …/jdeveloper/ide/bin/ide.conf

Second step-In ide.conf file, copy extactly these properties into that.
AddVMOption -Xmx940M
AddVMOption -Xms128M

Third Step – In jdev.conf file, make sure the following properties are set exactly the same
AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=356M

Fourth Step – Disable the SVN versioning system that is built into JDeveloper.Uncheck the checkbox for Subversion for example support for GIT

In JDeveloper -> Choose Versioning menu -> Choose Configure -> Uncheck ā€œVersioning support for Subversionā€

Happy learning with Vinay in Techartifact…..