Very frequent we get issues of JDeveloper hangs.Then you need to close JDeveloper and restart. if you are developing and debugging, this problem occurs more frequently.This post tell how to make your jdeveloper with better performance. Jdeveloper – 1) Go to MW_HOME \jdeveloper\ide\bin\ide.conf and increase the Max heap size (Xmx). //Set this option depend on […]

Elastic Search Index- What is that? Answer will not be as simple as sound. In layman language- An index is a data structure for storing the mapping of fields to the corresponding documents. The objective is to allow faster searches, often at the expense of increased memory usage and preprocessing time. Till now developers have […]

Webcenter application performance tuning guide from Vinay Kumar Happy tuning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact

Performance Analysis of a Portal application or any application look tedious and tricky task .Reason portal application consist of various other task flow from different resources.Talking for webcenter portal portal application have awesome feature of performance analysis called Portal Page Performance Analyzer. With WebCenter Portal however, this process becomes extremely simple and efficient. […]

ADF performance tuning tips – Oracle adf performance tips from Vinay Kumar Happy coding with Vinay in Techartifact..