Custom session timeout popup message in ADF/ Webcenter portal

Hi All,

In ADF and webcenter applications sometimes we have a requirement to show custom session time-out message.I have tried A team article approach as mentioned but this is not working for me in webcenter not even in portal framework or run time portal. So I have tried something to handle this. In ADF application normally we have a popup before session time out and one after the session is expired.

So I need to disable standard warning message for expiry. I did that like below.

To disable to warning for session time out –

Add these entries in web.xml as



Fair enough. Now you will not see any ootb warning before session time out.But I need a customized session time out popup.Following is the solution for that.
Add this code in the your page template for ADF and webcenter application.

 <af:resource type="javascript">
     var timeoutID;
    function resetTimeout(){
        if( timeoutID ) clearTimeout( timeoutID );
        timeoutID = setTimeout( ShowTimeoutWarning, 1500000 ); // this is popup will come if user is idle for 25 minutes(25*6000)
    function ShowTimeoutWarning() {
       var popup = AdfPage.PAGE.findComponentByAbsoluteId('pt_p1');;

    document.onkeyup   = resetTimeout;
    document.onkeydown = resetTimeout;
    document.onclick   = resetTimeout;


and in the page template add a popup.You can also skin your popup as you like through normal skinning.

 <af:popup id="pt_p1" animate="default">
           <af:dialog id="tod" title="Warning" closeIconVisible="false" type="ok">
              <af:outputText value="You session will expire in next 5 Minute." id="pt_ot1"/>

Thats it. You can try this in ADF , webcenter portal framework and or runtime portal too.

Happy learning with Vinay in techartifact.