Change configuration file with webcenter portal.

For editing web.xml old solution will work for but for you can use this solution.You should use WebCenter Portal Server Extension.

< In this case you must create a new application using the new JDeveloper template: WebCenter Portal Server Extension. a href=””>1

This template will create two projects (that can be named during the creation).

PortalExtension: To add custom code, task flows and beans to WebCenter Spaces.
PortalSharedLibrary: Similar to the former WebCenterSpacesExtensionLibrary; however, deployments are now done using JDeveloper Deployment tools and the versioning is managed by manually modifying MANIFEST.MF
Taking a look into PortalSharedLibrary it contains only a MANIFEST.MF file used for versioning of deployments.


Where are weblogic.xml and web.xml descriptor?

These files should be generated manually.

To create a weblogic.xml create it as New WebLogic Deployment Descriptor.



In case of web.xml create it as New Java EE Deployment Descriptor:



By default, web.xml and weblogic.xml will be part of the deployment. It shouldn’t be configured at the deployment profile.

Now deploy as shared lib in WC_Spaces. It will overwrite extens.spaces.webapp shared lib then restart server. Changes will reflect

Thanks. Happy Coding with Vinay.