Get current row of table -Oracle ADF

Requirment- to get the current row of a table

Solution- Following is the code used for this

DCBindingContainer dcb = (DCBindingContainer)getBindings();    
DCIteratorBinding dcItr = dcb .findIteratorBinding("iteratorName");
RowSetIterator rsIter = dcItr .getRowSetIterator();
Row rowObj = rsIter .getCurrentRow();

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Get the current node of a tree in Oracle ADF | Techartifact

Requirement- To get the current selected node of tree and get value of that node.

We will be writing selectionListener for that tree in managed bean.first we invoke the default tree selection listener with the expression
#{bindings.Departments.treeModel.makeCurrent}. In order to do this, we use a helper method called invokeMethodExpression(). Then, we obtain the currently selected node from the tree by calling getRowData() on the component (obtained earlier from the selection event).

    public void treeRowSelectionlistener(SelectionEvent selectionEvent) {
        invokeMethodExpression("#{bindings.checklistStructureVO1.treeModel.makeCurrent}", Object.class, SelectionEvent.class, selectionEvent);
        RichTree tree = (RichTree)selectionEvent.getSource(); // get the tree component from the event
           TreeModel model = (TreeModel)tree.getValue();    
           //get selected nodes
           RowKeySet rowKeySet = selectionEvent.getAddedSet();
        Iterator rksIterator = rowKeySet.iterator();
        //Validating for single select only. Need to check for multiselect
        while (rksIterator.hasNext()) {
            List key = (List);
            JUCtrlHierBinding treeBinding = null;
            CollectionModel collectionModel = (CollectionModel)tree.getValue();
            treeBinding = (JUCtrlHierBinding)collectionModel.getWrappedData();            
            JUCtrlHierNodeBinding nodeBinding = null;
            nodeBinding = treeBinding.findNodeByKeyPath(key);
            Row rw = nodeBinding.getRow();
            int seqId = ((BigDecimal)rw.getAttribute("ChecklistStructureId")).intValue(); // We can get the column name value from that node or row. 
            String elementId=((BigDecimal)rw.getAttribute("ElementId")).toString();
            String ChecklistStructureId=((BigDecimal)rw.getAttribute("ChecklistStructureId")).toString();
            String ElementName=(String)rw.getAttribute("ElementName"); 
            Object result = ob1.execute();
            if (!ob1.getErrors().isEmpty()){
                List errorList = ob1.getErrors();
                System.out.println("ERROR IN VC EXECUTION");
                // Capture and handle Error

        private Object invokeMethodExpression(String expr, Class returnType, Class[] argTypes, Object[] args){
           FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); 
           ELContext elctx = fc.getELContext();
           ExpressionFactory elFactory = fc.getApplication().getExpressionFactory(); 
           MethodExpression methodExpr = elFactory.createMethodExpression(elctx,expr,returnType,argTypes);    
           return methodExpr.invoke(elctx,args); 

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Creating new row of view object in ADF | Techartifact

Requirment – Creating new rows through the view object

Solution-Create a new view row by calling createRow() on the view object as shown in the following code snippet:

/**The createEmployee is a custom method defined in application
* module implementation class.

public void createEmployee () {
//Get the view object
ViewObject employee= findViewObject("EmployeeVO");
// Create a row and fill in the columns.
Row row = employee.createRow();
row.setAttribute("Name", "Vinay");
row.setAttribute("EmpId", 1);
//Insert row in to the default row set

You can also use createAndInitRow(AttributeList initVals) on the view object to create a new view row. This API allows you to initialize the row with an attribute list.