Refreshing child node in the tree in ADF

Requirement – To refresh the tree child node. Executing the top level view object instance alone is not enough. This is because when you expand a parent node, if the
framework identifies any existing query collection for the row filter supplied by the parent row, the existing query collection cache will be reused for displaying
child nodes. To refresh specific child nodes, you will have to find the appropriate child row set and refresh it by calling the executeQuery() method.

For example. We have displaying country in tree node. In Child node we are displaying the states. For we will taking out the country id and fetch the row on basis of countryID and get the rowset
and call executeQuery() method and it will refresh the child node as well.

Below is the code.

public void refreshChildStates(Number CountryId) {
//Gets the VO used for parent node
ViewObjectImpl vo = getCountry();
//Read the row using Key CountryId
Row[] countryRow= vo.findByKey(new Key(new Object[] { CountryId}), 1);
RowSet childRows =

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