Display UCM files in ADF/Webcenter application as images or link

Requirement- Display UCM images on the page or as link, so that user click of that image and can open in new window

Implementation – You can also have my previous videos to make connection between portal and content and other video Content Presenter in Webcenter Portal
or Content Integration Using Folder viewer in Webcenter Portal .

But if you really want to display your ucm image or show as link for your images or document then you follow below approach
Taking scenario if you don’t how many documents are there.then for that case use below approach

You can use af:image or af:goLink component to put the below url as source or destination


#{WCAppContext.applicationURL} = This will return the url with full context till port number = abc.com/7001/yourPortal

contentserver- is connection name to the UCM.

content id = is the content id of the document.

Displaying as link


Final output would be like below


Happy Learning by Vinay in techartifact….

Fixed- No service defined for COLLECTION_GET_ADMIN_MARKED_CONFIG.

When you made connection between Webcenter portal and Webcenter content and you got error like this

oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ServiceException: No service defined for COLLECTION_GET_ADMIN_MARKED_CONFIG.

Don’t be afraid .Simply in order to resolve this, we need to enable folders_g in UCM and disable the FrameworkFolder if you found.Its not there in PS7.Enable component because it is not supported to have them both enabled at the same time.

Login to UCM with an admin user and select Admin Server in the administration section:

Select Component Manager on the left hand side and click on advanced component manager to have more control. In the basic component manager, the folders_g component is not listed so we need to go the advanced manager

In the Enabled Components list, select FrameworkFolders and disable it.From the disabled list, select folders_g and enable it.

Now restart UCM server.

Happy Learning with Vinay Kumar in techartifact….