Requirement – To increase the maximum file upload size in WebCenter Spaces Implementation – In my spaces application, we are not able to upload file size more than 2 MB. Requirement to upload upto 20MB. WebCenter Spaces PS4 should be setup to allow uploads up to 2Gb.After digging a littler found this Those are the […]

Tuning and optimizing webcenter spaces application white paper from Vinay Kumar

Requirement – Debugging Taskflows in WebCenter Spaces Solutions- One way of setting this up is to modify the (linux) that will start Spaces. This script is located in the /user_projects/domains//bin directory. In the new file locate the section that declares the JAVA_OPTIONS. Modify the file and add the debug java options: to […]

Requirement- How to deploy custom ADF task flow to Webcenter spaces Solutions-You can extend or alter the look and feel and functionality of Oracle WebCenter Spaces task flows using the Oracle JDeveloper Customization Developer role. If you want to build custom task flow application to spaces.If you want 100% customization then you can use custom […]

Requirement- I am working on webcenter spaces application. I am getting this error in spaces server log.Why i am getting this. error look like – Solution – I don’t want this error in my log.And in my spaces application , i am using custom task flow and using as jar in webcenter spaces application.I am […]

Confusion – Webcenter Portal vs Webcenter Spaces , which one to choose and when. Webcenter Spaces- WebCenter Spaces is designed to provide a collaborative environment. It integrates all the necessary services such as documents, discussions, events, linking, tagging.In WebCenter Spaces, you build group spaces. Each space is a separate mini-portal with its own configuration, look […]