Adding user in specific Space in Webcenter

Small tip – To add user in space with some specified or custom role

Solution -If you are using PS6, this code will help you doing that.

    public void addMemberInSpace(String SpaceName, String userid) throws GroupSpaceWSException {
        logger.fine("Entering AddMember");
        try {
            GroupSpaceWSClient Gsclient = new GroupSpaceWSClient(contextData);

            String userRole = "CustomRole"; // You can define default role as admin, viewer, Moderator or some custom role as well
            GroupSpaceWSMembers memberData = new GroupSpaceWSMembers(userid, userRole);
            //Approval code will be added
            List<GroupSpaceWSMembers> addMem = new ArrayList<GroupSpaceWSMembers>();
            Gsclient.addMember(SpaceName, addMem);
        } catch ( gsException) {
            throw gsException;
        } catch (Exception exception) {
            throw new GroupSpaceWSException("Exception caught during addMembership ", null, null, exception, null);


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