Hi All, A common issue in elastic search as querying data from ES server. As typical RDBMS server, we can write like “select * from tablename where columnA is null” Similarly, if we have to find this data in ES in kibana , then how we can write it It will be like GET IndexName/TypeName/_search […]

This book is intended for beginners,expert and software architects, project manager , who are working with WebCenter Portal implementation.Somebody wants to developer rich enterprise portal with WebCenter Portal with WebCenter content and other technologies. Little bit ADF knowledge required. http://www.apress.com/gp/book/9781484225318 amazon Chapter 1 : Introduction to Enterprise Portals – Introduction of Enterprise portal. Portal vs […]

Kafka is distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. It provides solutions to handle all activities stream data. It also supports Hadoop platform. It have mechanism for parallel load into Hadoop. Apache Kafka is an open source, distributed messaging system that enables you to build real-time applications using Streaming data. Apache Kafka Overview       Kafka maintains […]

Hi All,   In WebCenter Portal 12c, for asset development, we have separate project for creating assets and deploying. Create new WebCenter Portal Asset application   Click next   Select Default Values and click next. In portal Assets select Asset type. For example you want to create Template. Select Template and finish     Now […]

Hi All, I am very pleased to announce release of my book on WebCenter Portal 12c  –  Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c I co-authored with my friend Daniel Merchan Garcia. Following are Details About Book.   Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c provides an overview of the architecture behind Oracle WebCenter Suite and the Oracle Fusion […]

Sometime logging into EM takes a lot time, which is quite frustrated. We can enable the discovery cache to make it faster. Click on your domain and System Mbean Browser. Access following AdminServer mBean for setting the cache property. emoms.props:Location=AdminServer,name=emoms.properties,type=Properties,Application=em Click on emoms.properties and set Property Enter key as “oracle.sysman.emas.discovery.wls.FMW_DISCOVERY_USE_CACHED_RESULTS “and value as “true”. Please […]

Shards in Elastic Search- When we have a large number of documents, we may come to a point where a single node may not be enough—for example, because of RAM limitations, hard disk capacity, insufficient processing power, and inability to respond to client requests fast enough. In such a case, data can be divided into […]

Elastic Search Index- What is that? Answer will not be as simple as sound. In layman language- An index is a data structure for storing the mapping of fields to the corresponding documents. The objective is to allow faster searches, often at the expense of increased memory usage and preprocessing time. Till now developers have […]

ElasticSearch is an Open Source (Apache 2), Distributed Search Engine built on top of Apache Lucene. Elasticsearch is a NOSQL, distributed full text database. Which means that this database is document based instead of using tables or schema, we use documents. Elasticsearch is much more than just Lucene and much more than “just” full text search. […]

Hi All, In webcenter portal, if you seeing this error in the log as below java.io.FileNotFoundException: Response: ‘401: Unauthorized’ for url: ‘http://host:port/wcsdocs/_vti_bin/lists.asmx?WSDL’ at weblogic.net.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(HttpURLConnection.java:544) at weblogic.net.http.SOAPHttpURLConnection.getInputStream(SOAPHttpURLConnection.java:37) at oracle.j2ee.ws.mgmt.server.mbean.WebServicePort.getFileStreamFromHttpConnection(WebServicePort.java:2204) at oracle.j2ee.ws.mgmt.server.mbean.WebServicePort.parseWsdl(WebServicePort.java:2144) at oracle.j2ee.ws.mgmt.server.mbean.WebServicePort.getSoapBinding(WebServicePort.java:2217) at oracle.j2ee.ws.mgmt.server.mbean.WebServicePort.extractTransportFromWsdl(WebServicePort.java:1910) at oracle.j2ee.ws.mgmt.server.mbean.WebServicePort.getTransport(WebServicePort.java:633) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:57) This is really annoying. You can fix by adding a startup parameters as -Dwebcenter.spaces.disableAutoConfigure […]