Hello World Tutorial in ADF

This tutorial will explain creating new application, new pages, and navigation cases. It will display
Explain you event generated on a command button .It will be redirected to new page(.jspx) and display a message. I hope it will clear the basic understanding navigation and business component.

1. Open Jdeveloper and right click on project and select new. Under Web tier tab select JSF.


2. A create JSF and JSP wizard will open and give name to your .jspx page press next. Here we can select JSF(.jspx) and JSP page.


3. Click next and add ADF libraries. And select finish.


4. A blank Test2.jspx will open.


5. In WEB-INF folder under web content open face-config.xml .Drag and drop 2 JSF page to face- config file .Give name test2 and test3.jspx.Then drag and drop the “JSF NAVIGATION CASE” and place it from test2.jspx to test3.jspx .Replace success to navigation in JSF NAVIGATION CASE. For generating the PopUp window we can write this as “-dialog:naviagtion”. Make user window property to true and test3,jspx will displayed as popup page.


6. Save your application and go to test2.jspx .Drag and drop one command button on page and rename to “Next page” from property palette under text property. In action property select
“navigation “ .It will redirect to test3.jspx .


7. In the face-config.xml file double click on test3.jspx. Create JSF JSP wizard will open. Click next and press finish.

8. Drag and drop one outputText from component palette on test3.jspx.Change the value property of outputText to “Hello World”.


9. Save your application and run the application.Test2.jspx will open.


10. Click on next page.Test3.jspx will open and “HELLO WORLD ” will displayed.


This is all about this hello world application. Later I will explain about more complex issues in ADF. Please review this and give your valuable comments.


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