Ldap configuration in Jetspeed 2.2.0

Ldap configuration in Jetspeed 2 (JS2) is very easy. Its only two required steps to configure Ldap in JS2.

1) Enable Ldap module
First you need to create “spring-filter-key.properties” under jetspeed/WEB-INF/conf and add the following lines

#Turn on LDAP Security
spring.filter.key = portal.ldap

Spring-filter-key. properties can be used to enable or disable different module of jetspeed.

2) Define Ldap Connection propetries

Jetspeed store all its Configuration settings in jetspeed.properties.

Following are default jetspeed ldap settings
First four points are self explanatory.

Jetspeed uses ldap to communicate to ldap server. I think it would not be advisable to changes context factory until its rally required.

ldap.user.filter =

You can define you own object class for users


Ldap search scope refer to searching objects in ldap sub tree. I would suggest not-to change this value

You can define tree location where all you users reside. Once you define user search base of user, Jetspeed will only look for user and there relation under that node.
Search base can be  defined for groups and roles too.

ldap user entryPrefix

In ldap there are different user classes to create user and they have there own different respective schema, So you can choose you can define your own uid prefix

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