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One of the main issues that can face oracle ADF Developers is calling oracle reports.
This post will illustrate step by step how to call oracle reports.

1- Create new ADF Application and make new .jspx page (this page will be a parameter page which will send the parameters to the report).

2- Insert inside page inputTexts which will hold the parameters and insert one commandButton which will run the report.

3- Bind the command button to the method in backbean and write this code:

OracleReportBean reportBean =
new OracleReportBean("oracleServerId", "Port", null);
reportBean.setReportServerParam(OracleReportBean.RS_PARAM_DESTYPE,"DisplayType");// which will be one of the [cashe - file - mail - printer]
reportBean.setReportServerParam(OracleReportBean.RS_PARAM_DESFORMAT,"Format"); // Which will be onr of the [HTML - HTML CSS - PDF - SPREADSHEET- RTF].
reportBean.setReportParameter(parameterName1, parameterValue1);// as report name
reportBean.setReportParameter(parameterName2, parameterValue2);
reportBean.setReportParameter(parameterName3, parameterValue3);
String url = reportBean.getReportServerURL();

as in picture

4- Make a new java file which will be OracleReportBean (assume its name will be and write this code inside

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Iterator;

import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;

import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.ExtendedRenderKitService;
import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.Service;

* This bean performs the following functions:
* Constructing the Report URL with various parameters passed in by client.
* Sending the report request.
* Execute printed report and retrieve return status in the indicated format.
* Execute a binary report (PDF, RTF, XML, with DESTYPE CACHE) and return the
* InputStream for processing.
public class OracleReportBean {

/* Report Servlet Host Settings */
private String http_host = null;
private String http_port = null;

/* Default path as per generic Oracle Appserver install */
private String servlet_path = "/reports/rwservlet";

/* Report Servlet URL params */
public static final String RS_PARAM_SERVER = "server";
public static final String RS_PARAM_USERID = "userid";
public static final String RS_PARAM_REPORT = "report";
public static final String RS_PARAM_ENVID = "envid";
public static final String RS_PARAM_DESTYPE = "destype";
public static final String RS_PARAM_DESFORMAT = "desformat";
public static final String RS_PARAM_STATUSFORMAT = "statusformat";
public static final String RS_PARAM_DESNAME = "desname";
public static final String RS_PARAM_PAGESTREAM = "pagestream";
public static final String RS_PARAM_DELIMITER = "delimiter";
public static final String RS_PARAM_ORIENTATION = "orientation";
public static final String RS_PARAM_DISTRIBUTE = "distribute";
public static final String RS_PARAM_FILETYPE = "FILETYPE";
public static final String RS_PARAM_REP_VA = "REP_VA";

private String value_keyMap = null;

/* Static values for destination formats */
public static final String DESFORMAT_PDF = "PDF";
public static final String DESFORMAT_HTML = "HTML";
public static final String DESFORMAT_POSTSCRIPT = "POSTSCRIPT";
public static final String DESFORMAT_DELIMITED = "DELIMITED";
public static final String DESFORMAT_XML = "XML";
public static final String DESFORMAT_RTF = "RTF";

/* Static values for destination types*/
public static final String DESTYPE_MAIL = "mail";
public static final String DESTYPE_PRINTER = "printer";
public static final String DESTYPE_FILE = "file";
public static final String DESTYPE_LOCAL_FILE = "localFile";
public static final String DESTYPE_CACHE = "cache";

/* Static values for distribute */
public static final String DISTRIBUTE_YES = "YES";
public static final String DISTRIBUTE_NO = "NO";

/*Static values for status format */
public static final String STATUSFORMAT_XML = "XML";
public static final String STATUSFORMAT_HTML = "HTML";

/* Static values for report orientation */
public static final String ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT = "PORTRAIT";
public static final String ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE = "LANDSCAPE";
public static final String ORIENTATION_DEFAULT = "DEFAULT";

/* HashMap to hold individual report parameters*/
private HashMap reportParams = new HashMap();

/* HashMap to hold report server params */
private HashMap reportServerParams = new HashMap();

/* Report Servlet */
private StringBuffer reportURL = new StringBuffer();
// private String XMLReturnStatus = null;

* Constructor
public OracleReportBean(String p_http_host, String p_http_port,
String p_servlet_path) {
http_host = p_http_host;
http_port = p_http_port;

/* If the servlet path is null, we assign the default path. */
if (p_servlet_path != null) {
servlet_path = p_servlet_path;

/* Default the status format to XML


* Private utility methods ...
private String buildKeyValueString(HashMap p_map) {

String map_key = null;
String param_sep = "&";
String param_equal = "=";
StringBuffer keyValueBuffer = new StringBuffer();

if (!p_map.isEmpty()) {

Iterator mapKeys = p_map.keySet().iterator();

while (mapKeys.hasNext()) {
map_key = (String);

if (mapKeys.hasNext()) {
return keyValueBuffer.toString();

/* Construct the URL for accessing the Oracle Reports Servlet */

private void constructURL() {
String param_sep = "&";

/* Clearout current URL */
reportURL = new StringBuffer();

/* HOST Section */


if (http_port != null) {

/* Add "/" separator if necessary. */
if (servlet_path.indexOf("/") > 0) {


if (value_keyMap != null) {

/*Construct Report Server Parameter URL component*/

if (!reportServerParams.isEmpty()) {

/*Construct Report Parameters URL Component*/

* Getters and Setters for the Reports Servlet
* URL parameter values.

public void setReportServerParam(String p_param, String p_value) {
reportServerParams.put(p_param, p_value);

public String getReportServerParam(String p_param) {
if (reportServerParams.containsKey(p_param)) {
return (String)reportServerParams.get(p_param);
} else {
return null;

/* Set/Get the value of a Reports KeyMap file */

public void setKeyMap(String p_keyMap) {
value_keyMap = p_keyMap;

public String getKeyMap() {
return value_keyMap;

/* Add/Update and retrieve individual report parameters */

public void setReportParameter(String paramName, String paramValue) {

reportParams.put(paramName, paramValue);

public String getReportParameter(String paramName) {

if (reportParams.containsKey(paramName)) {
return (String)reportParams.get(paramName);
} else {
return null;


* Construct and return a URL that can be used to execute the report.
public String getReportServerURL() {
return reportURL.toString();

public void openUrlInNewWindow(String url) {
ExtendedRenderKitService erks =
StringBuilder strb = new StringBuilder("'" + url + "');");
erks.addScript(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), strb.toString());

Oracle Report URL should be at this format

5- Save and Run the application.


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