Here’s the quickest way of exporting table data into Excel File :

1) Create Model using Business Components and refresh Data Controls.
2) Create a standard and JSF page and drag-drop the control the data control to create a ADF table. Name the ID of the table as t1.
3) Create a Command Button and change the text to “Export”.
4) Refer to the snapshot below :

5) Drag-Drop Export Collection Action Listener onto the Command Button “Export”.
6) Set the following Configurations for bindings :

ExportedId : t1
Type : excelHTML

7) Set the Filename and Title in the property inspector of Export Collection Action Listener.
8) Run the page.

Author- Ankit Gupta

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I am an Oracle ACE in Oracle ADF/Webcenter. Sr Java Consultant-working on Java/J2EE/Oracle ADF/Webcenter Portal/ content and Hibernate for several years. I'm an active member of the OTN JDeveloper/Webcenter forum. Passionate about learning new technologies. I am here to share my knowledge. Give your views and suggestion on [email protected] .

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  • Dexter

    I am exporting an ADF Table (with column filters using select one choice) to excel. I want to export the filter values as well, say as an additional row or every value above the respective columns.. how do you achieve it

  • al

    1. can i name the filename depends on parameter user given? (eg. user previewing trading record of shoes for the months of 2013/04, filename becomes 201304_SHOE.xls)
    2. can i export the file to specify folder programmically?

  • ys you cn… put value of give by user in some EL. and use el in fie name…

  • did u ask in oracle forum , then give me link or post the source code.

  • mohammed malah

    is there any way to export the table to excel programmatically??