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The folks at Packt asked me to review another of their book on Learning Highcharts. If you are interested in buying it (a judgment you may reserve until after you have read the review)Learning HighCharts is on packt site
this is link you can go.Learning HighCharts is on packt site

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This is book of over 342 pages covering to learn a new java script librart with a full index in the back. The structure of the book is:
Business overview
Step 1 – Web Charts
Step 2 – Highcharts Configurations
Step 3 – Line, Area, and Scatter Charts
Step 4 – Bar and Column Charts
Step 5 – Pie Charts
Step 6 – Gauge, Polar, and Range Charts
Step 7 – Highcharts APIs
Step 8 – Highcharts Events
Step 9 – Highcharts and jQuery Mobile
Step 10- Highcharts and Ext JS
Step 11 – Running Highcharts on the Server Side

I like this structure as it parallels the steps one would take in setting up a HighCharts. To add a bit of a flow to the book, they also put it in the examples,real life scenarios.
Its a book in depth.This book focuses on giving the reader a firm understanding of the core concepts of high charts, such as integration with extjs and Jquery mobile and works through real-life app development scenarios. All core components of HIGH Charts amazing library are covered in detail, and strategies are outlined for getting the best use of time when developing with HIGH CHARTS.
Few components which i like to mention , which i enjoy reading alot – a clear explanation of how to integrate with jquery mobile.
Step-by-step instructions with real-live data to create bar charts, column charts and pie charts, to easily create artistic and professional quality charts.
It make you learn tips and tricks to create a variety of charts such as horizontal gauge charts, projection charts, and circular ratio charts. Clear understanding of how to use Use and integrate Highcharts with jQuery Mobile and ExtJS 4, and understand how to run Highcharts on the server-side.
It also understand how to add advanced reporting capabilities and understand how to select the right chart for your data.
Step by step instruction provided for integration with EXTJS and Jquery.More over you can learn from what is high chart to advanced level.Any charts you think of create in our web application.This book help you doing so.
At the end of the book, index is there.A must purchase for those who want to learn High Chart. You can also download the code which is available with the book

Happy coding with Techartifact and packt….


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