How to connect with UCM in ADF using RIDC API

In order to get things started you need to install the WebCenter extensions for JDeveloper, create a WebCenter Portal project and configure a Content Server connection to point to a running instance of UCM 11g..

Once you have these in place, you can start programming RIDC. I will describe below the most useful operations that can be performed using the API.

            IdcContext idcContext = new IdcContext("weblogic", "welcome1");
            IdcClientManager clientManager = new IdcClientManager();
            try {
                // Create idc client
                IdcClient client = clientManager.createClient("idc://");
                // Create a new binder
                DataBinder dataBinder = client.createBinder();
                // set parameter for service call
               // dataBinder.putLocal(WCCConstants.KEY_IDC_SERVICE, "DELETE_REV");
                dataBinder.putLocal(CWCCConstants.KEY_TIMESTAMP, ts.toString());            logger.fine("get response");
            result = response.getResponseAsBinder();
        } catch (IdcClientException e) {
            throw new ContentServiceException("Error in request IdcClient: " + e.getMessage(), e);
        return result;

Using this way we can call the UCM service and get the result set.

Happy coding with Vinay in Techartifact.


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