Useful Expression language (el)in Webcenter Spaces Application

Small webenter tip- If we want to check whther a user if member of any group or space.Or role of the user. and etc etc

following are el which i found today and usefull too.thats why i am sharing with you.

WebCenterSecurityContextSupport -this interface Provides EL support for WebCenter Security.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInScopedRole[‘Moderator’]} – Checks if current user is in group space role. Role membership is checked against the current Group Space Identifier.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInGroup[‘Administrators’]} – Checks if the current user is a member of the specified enterprise group.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInAppRole[‘SiteResourceAdmin’]} – Checks if current user is in application role.

#{WCSecurityContext.currentUser[‘weblogic’]} – Checks if current user name matches the one specified.

you can try this el as well for checking the current user have specified role in spaces application – #{WCSecurityContext.userInScopedRole[‘ReadOnly or custom role’]}”

Happy coding with Vinay Kumar in Techartifact . 🙂


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