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Requirement- To get the current current node of tree table and get value of that node.

Solution- we will get the rowKeySet of the treetable.The using findNodeByKeyPath method , we will get the selected node.I already posted to get selected row of tree

RowKeySet selectedRows = treeTable.getSelectedRowKeys();
//use EL to access binding (note that you can do this in Java as well)
JUCtrlHierBinding treeTableBinding = (JUCtrlHierBinding) executeValueExpression("#{bindings.<tree binding name>}");  
//get first entry of selected rows (single selection case)
JUCtrlHierNodeBinding node =  treeTableBinding .findNodeByKeyPath((List)selectedRows .iterator().next());
... do the work with the node here ...

private Object executeValueExpression(String valueExpression){
      FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
      ELContext elctx = fctx.getELContext();
      Application app = fctx.getApplication();
      ExpressionFactory exprFactory = app.getExpressionFactory();
      ValueExpression valueExpr = exprFactory.createValueExpression(
       return valueExpr.getValue(elctx);

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