How to check ifdirty (is modified) for View Object?

Requirement – Checking if data modified in viewobject ADF

Solution-You can use isDirty() method provided by API to get status

 DCBindingContainer bind =(DCBindingContainer)BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
        JUCtrlHierBinding object = (JUCtrlHierBinding)bind.findCtrlBinding("DepartmentVO1"); // or get ViewObject form Iterator in ADFUtils.
        ViewObject deptVo = object.getViewObject(); 
        Boolean b = deptVo.getApplicationModule().getTransaction().isDirty();This gives Boolean value of True/False. 

another way

DCBindingContainer dcBindingContainer=(DCBindingContainer)
//Code goes here...

few more use case i found on internet i.e, so thought of sharing that as well –

1. If you are using iterator based UI component like table:
Expression #{row.row.entities[0].entityState} will return state viz. (0 – New, Modified – 2, Unmodified – 1, Initialized – -1 where row refers to the table node and row.row is the instance of row in the iterator/table.

The following expression also notify that there is dirty data available –

-> #{!bindings.EmployeesView1Iterator.dataControl.TransactionDirty}   // this statment will notify that there is uncommitted or unsaved data in the iterator
-> #{!bindings.Commit.enabled}
-> #{!controllerContext.currentRootViewPort.dataDirty}
-> #{!controllerContext.currentViewPort.dataDirty} 

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