executing Javascript in Java in Oracle ADF

Requirment- Sometime we want to execute javascript from Java in ADF.How to achieve this.below code tell you about this.

import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.ExtendedRenderKitService;
import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.Service;

FacesContext fctxObj = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
ExtendedRenderKitService eRKS =
Service.getRenderKitService(fctxObj , ExtendedRenderKitService.class);
String javaScriptCode = "alert( "+"Het you executed javascript in Java .Hurray vinay"+");";
eRKS.addScript(fctxObj , javaScriptCode );

Thats it. enjoy. Happy coding with Techartifact with Vinay Kumar….. 🙂

Introduction to JSON (Javascript Object Notation)

What is JSON?
JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a light weight data interchange format. JSON is a subset of the literal object notation in JavaScript. It can be compared to XML but parsing of JSON is very much easier than XML data. It is a text format of data and is programming language independent. In fact it very much looks like unnamed array.

Example of data in JSON
Shown below is a object declared in JSON format.

var individual = {
     "firstName": "Anky",
     "lastName": "Singh",
     "address": {
                       "streetAddress": "4th Avenue",
                       "city": "Moorpark",
                       "state": "CA",
                       "postalCode": 34523
     "phoneNumbers": [
                                 "212 555-1234",
                                 "646 555-4567"

alert("The name of Individual is " + individual.firstName + " " +  individual.lastName);
alert("The Street Address is " + individual.address.streetAddress);
alert("The Postal code is " + individual.address.postalCode);
alert("First Phone Number  is " + individual.phoneNumbers[0]);
alert("Second Phone Number  is " + individual.phoneNumbers[1]);

<em>Output would be alert windows with following messages</em>:
The name of Individual is Anky Singh
The Street Address is 4th Avenue
The Postal code is 34523
First Phone Number  is 212 555-1234
Second Phone Number  is 646 555-4567

Above code shows how an Individual object is declared using JSON. Alert statements provide an example how the properties of the object can be accessed in the same way as we do in C# or Java.

Being subset of literal notation JSON standard has got stricter rules. See www.json.org or RFC 4627 for a more formal description of the standard.

But all said simplicity of JSON data is the specialty of the standard.

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Introduction of DOJO

Dojo is the Open Source JavaScript Toolkit. It is tool for constructing dynamic web
user interfaces. Dojo offers various widgets, utilities, higher IO (AJAX) abstraction etc.It is based on HTML and javascript. Dojo ups abstraction layer in a higher level. Dojo is sometimes advertised as AJAX
framework. It is able to make AJAX requests with Dojo But the technique of binding is under
the abstraction layer that Dojo has. Even if Dojo is nice, beautiful etc, it is quite heavy

We can one use Dojo by :-
1. Include package
2. use widget/utility/…

Package System
• Dojo consists of JavaScript files
• Package system takes care that only needed
files are included
• Each JavaScript file can be named as
• By that name the package can be taken in
One has not to remember any file or
directory names
• Only dojo.js has to be included into HTML
• That file takes care of initialization of Dojo
• There is a couple of pre packaged builds that
consist of different kinds of packages
e.g. Widget, event or IO builds.

DOJO have following Language Libraries
• dojo.lang.*
• Wrappers for common idioms
• Functional programming APIs
• For Example
– dojo.lang.forEach
– dojo.lang.map
– dojo.lang.assert

Widget toolkit-

• Widget toolkit is also a very noticeable part of
Dojo toolkit
• Widget is a user interface object that has a
layout and some properties
• In Dojo widgets are HTML+CSS bound by
• Dojo has lots of useful widgets
e.g. Tabs, sorting table, dialogs

<!-- ... -->
<textarea dojoType=”Editor2”>

For more info – www.dojotoolkit.org

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