Introduction of Javascript IDE- APTANA

Coding in JavaScript is always cumbersome.Programmer always find difficult debugging in JavaScript.There is one IDE which help javascript programmer.That is Aptana Studio.
Aptana Studio is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for building Ajax web applications. It includes support for JavaScript, HTML, DOM, and CSS with code-completion, outlining, JavaScript debugging, error and warning notification and integrated documentation. Additional plugins allow Aptana Studio to be extended to support Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Perl[1], Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone and Nokia WRT (Web Runtime).
Aptana, Inc. is a company making web application development tools for Web 2.0 and Ajax for use with programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python. Aptana’s main products are Aptana Studio, Aptana Cloud and Aptana Jaxer.Aptana is both a set of plugins that may be installed into an Eclipse install, or installed as a standalone Rich Client App.If you’re starting fresh, only planning to do HTML/CSS/JS, or don’t want to deal with a large amount of plugins inside one install, then I recommend getting the Aptana standalone. (You can still install Eclipse plugins into it, but you’re starting off with only the plugins you need for web development).

Ajax Library Support
Aptana Studio ships with the following Ajax libraries, but more can be added or updated.
Adobe Spry
Yahoo! UI Library
Dojo toolkit

The Aptana IDE provides support for developing PHP applications via the add-on PHP plugin. This includes:
built-in PHP server for previewing within Aptana Studio,
full code assist, code outlining & code formatting,
integrated PHP debugger,
built in Smarty,
type hierarchy view,
go to declaration,
integrated PHP manual (online or local).

Aptana Studio supports Ruby on Rails development using RadRails, an open source plugin for the Ruby on Rails framework. This includes:

integrated Rails shell console,
default-install and config of Ruby interpreter, database and debugger,
code completion with type inferencing,
Code Assist for Ruby, CSS, JS, and HTML inside RHTML files,
type hierarchy view,
go to declaration,
call hierarchy,
full implementation of RDT (Eclipse’s Ruby Development Tools project).

Aptana Studio provides support for Python in the form of the PyDev plugin. This provides color syntax hilighting, Code Assist, code outlining, debugging and integrated support for Python and Jython interpreters.

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HeadStart of java script

I am trying to learn javascript.there is some more exmaple, which can help for beginner in java script.In this first exmaple.We are creating an Html page.In this we are writing a funtion named

RandomNumber which will generate random number.I am taking sine from it and take the absolute value. This will get a number between 0 and 1.For every millisecond time changes and we got some unique number.In the script we use RandomNumber function.

In the second example I am writing code for email validation in java script for input text.User will enter email.If user will not entered ‘@’ in email address.Then it will give alert of invalid email address.


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Simple form Using ExtJs

Extjs is mainly used for UI design.Today I will create a simple form using this.And I will explain code also. So that any beginner can understand easily.


    Ext.form.Field.prototype.msgTarget = 'side';

    var bd = Ext.getBody();
    var simple = new Ext.FormPanel({
        labelWidth:  85, 
        title: 'Vinay Form',
        bodyStyle:'padding:10px 10px 0',
        width: 450,
        defaults: {width: 250},
        defaultType: 'textfield',

        items: [{
                fieldLabel: 'Customer Name',
                name: 'first',
                fieldLabel: 'Customer Last Name',
                name: 'last'
                fieldLabel: 'Address',
                name: 'company'
            }, {
                fieldLabel: 'Email',
                name: 'email',
            }, new Ext.form.TimeField({
                fieldLabel: 'Time',
                name: 'time',
                minValue: '8:00am',
                maxValue: '6:00pm'

        buttons: [{
            text: 'Save'
            text: 'Cancel'


After writing this code Form would be looking like below example

Ext.onReady(function(){ —– This function provides a way to make our code wait until the DOM is available, before doing anything.

Ext.QuickTips.init(); — It will display error with field in oval style.
Ext.form.Field.prototype.msgTarget = ‘side’; – Message will print on side of form field
var bd = Ext.getBody();
var simple = new Ext.FormPanel({ — Created a variable of Form panel
labelWidth: 85,
title: ‘Vinay Form’,
bodyStyle:’padding:10px 10px 0′, —- Setting the properties
width: 450,
defaults: {width: 250},
defaultType: ‘textfield’,

items: [{ Here we are creating the item for form.

fieldLabel: ‘Customer Name’,
name: ‘first’,
fieldLabel: ‘Customer Last Name’,
name: ‘last’
},{ ……………….

Form is looking after writing this code with email validation also and combo box of time also.I hope it would clear some concept of EXT JS.UI design in ExtJs is easy.

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