Jdev installation set up for running Webcenter Spaces instance

JDeveloper installation for running webcenter

Download JDeveloper for your OS from this location:

Install JDeveloper to your local development machine, perform a typical installation.

After JDeveloper is installed, open up „Check for Updates“ dialog under the „Help“ menu.


Check that the following update centers are activated:


Check the two WebCenter updates:

We have to further extend JDeveloper for working with a running WebCenter: Spaces instance.

Download the following package and unzip it:

There you will find three directories, two of them starting with „copy_to_….“.

„copy_to_common“ includes a common directory that contains WebCenter Portal WLST commands. WebCenter Portal’s WLST commands are required to upload customized resources directly to the Spaces application from DesignWebCenterSpaces.jws.

The content (!) of the „copy_to_common“ directory (not the whole directory itself) must be copied to \oracle_common\
„copy_to_jdev_ext“ includes oracle.webcenter.portal.jar. Required update to Oracle JDeveloper WebCenter Portal Framework and Services Design Time Extensions

The .jar file in the „copy_to_jdev_ext“ directory must be copied to \jdeveloper\jdev\extensions\

Webcenter Portal vs Webcenter Spaces

Confusion – Webcenter Portal vs Webcenter Spaces , which one to choose and when.

Webcenter Spaces- WebCenter Spaces is designed to provide a collaborative environment. It integrates all the necessary services such as documents, discussions, events, linking, tagging.In WebCenter Spaces, you build group spaces. Each space is a separate mini-portal with its own configuration, look and feel, security model, and services.

Well one thing is sure.both is fine and works well.But you need to choose in cost,learning,effrot and what you really need it.WebCenter Spaces is ideal to build intranets where you have to collaborate a lot with other.WebCenter Spaces also has a rich set of features for social networking. It has Facebook-like features: you can invite other people to your network, write on their wall, and so on.Oracle WebCenter Spaces allows users to work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies and include external members. It eliminates or reduces duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies, and it enables sharing valuable team resources to solve business problems, tap into new ideas, and reduce time to market.You can add services, portal,custom taskflow etc.

Webcenter portal –
Oracle WebCenter Portal delivers intuitive user experiences for enterprise applications. This complete, open and integrated enterprise portal and composite applications solution enables the development and deployment of internal and external portals and websites, composite applications and mashups with integrated social and collaboration services and enterprise content management capabilities

Choose Webcenter Spaces if –

-If you don’t need much customization , then choose spaces.It require less effort and development.
-When you require different group spaces, you will also go for WebCenter spaces because such a concept is very hard to build for yourself.
– If your need is something that is more ‘social and collaborative’, then Spaces may be the best place to start.
– You can enable and disable some of the spaces.
– It is role based access.
– When you need people connection like linkedin, facebook like button,personal pages.You can comment, favorite,discussion,event etc – Spaces is best option.

Choose Webcenter Portal if –

– If customization is there.Portal is best.
– You have full control over it.
– More effort required to develop personel pages and space.

Except these points, it also depend on your resources skills, time constraint and architect choice as well 🙂

When you need a high level of customization or you need to extend the site with your custom functionality, then you should create a WebCenter Portal application. When you need a collaborative environment where customization or added functionality is not as important as the collaborative services, then go for WebCenter Spaces.

happy coding with Vinay in techartifact . 🙂

Useful Expression language (el)in Webcenter Spaces Application

Small webenter tip- If we want to check whther a user if member of any group or space.Or role of the user. and etc etc

following are el which i found today and usefull too.thats why i am sharing with you.

WebCenterSecurityContextSupport -this interface Provides EL support for WebCenter Security.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInScopedRole[‘Moderator’]} – Checks if current user is in group space role. Role membership is checked against the current Group Space Identifier.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInGroup[‘Administrators’]} – Checks if the current user is a member of the specified enterprise group.

#{WCSecurityContext.userInAppRole[‘SiteResourceAdmin’]} – Checks if current user is in application role.

#{WCSecurityContext.currentUser[‘weblogic’]} – Checks if current user name matches the one specified.

you can try this el as well for checking the current user have specified role in spaces application – #{WCSecurityContext.userInScopedRole[‘ReadOnly or custom role’]}”

Happy coding with Vinay Kumar in Techartifact . 🙂