getting current row of table in ADF

Requirment- Get the current row of table in ADF

         DCBindingContainer bindings = (DCBindingContainer)getBindings();                
        DCIteratorBinding dcIter = bindings.findIteratorBinding("IOOrderLinesVO4Iterator");
         RowSetIterator lineRSIter = dcIter.getRowSetIterator();
        Row r = lineRSIter.getCurrentRow();

Exporting table data into Excel File in ADF

Here’s the quickest way of exporting table data into Excel File :

1) Create Model using Business Components and refresh Data Controls.
2) Create a standard and JSF page and drag-drop the control the data control to create a ADF table. Name the ID of the table as t1.
3) Create a Command Button and change the text to “Export”.
4) Refer to the snapshot below :

5) Drag-Drop Export Collection Action Listener onto the Command Button “Export”.
6) Set the following Configurations for bindings :

ExportedId : t1
Type : excelHTML

7) Set the Filename and Title in the property inspector of Export Collection Action Listener.
8) Run the page.

Author- Ankit Gupta

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sort of column of table in ADF -Techartifact

Requirement- To sort an particular column by default on page load.

We can achive by changing the iterator property. Suppose we are having an table and we want to sort the table on page load by taskrole.
Click on bindings –

Now select the right iterator and click on edit

click on sort criteria tab and select the right column and choose sort order-

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