Microsoft Surface

Ever wondered even if you could see the contents of your mobile phone on a table as soon as you put the device on the table!!!

Or if you could drag a physical photograph of yours[which is also kept on table] towards the mobile and a copy of it gets stored into the mobile phone.

All this might seem to be a midnight dream of mine to you but all this along with much more has become reality.

Enter Microsoft Surface, an implementation of surface technology wherein the aim is to replace monitors and other output and input devices and bring in the contents of a computer or a device on a table or any other kind of surface and let the user interact with touches.

Microsoft surface

Users interact with surface as shown in image below
Users Interacting with surface

Checkout the cool videos of microsoft surface and learn more about it at Official Homepage of Surface.I hope you will be amazed to look at the possiblities and somewhere in your mind a thought will come that yes our dreams have started becoming true with the help of technology.

Anky Goyal

I am MCPD certified in .NET and working on .NET technologies for past 3yrs. I am very passionate about the new features which get introduced in the technology. I am here to share the new features i get to know in the world of Microsoft. Follow me on twitter @ankygoyal [email protected]Ankit Goyal

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