OAF versus ADF

OAF versus ADF

I have seen many forums asking about Difference between OAF and ADF. May be my post will clear some points on this

OAF – OAF is a framework for extending Oracle E-Business Suite. If you want to customize and Oracle EBS system you need to use OAF. OAF is a e-biz web development framework mainly for Oracle applications. If you want to develop new pages and extensions for Oracle applications 11i and R12, then use OA framework. OAF is based on MVC model while ADF has four layers (MVC+Business Services). OA framework is an Oracle Applications Specific framework. If you build for Oracle Applications – e.g. extending it – then it is good to use their framework because of the integration points to the existing application

ADF-ADF is a framework for developing custom applications .If you want to build a new system that has some level of integration with Oracle EBS you can do it with ADF and use SOA to talk to the back-end EBS system. Oracle ADF is at the heart of the Fusion technology stack. ADF  techstack is intended to utilize the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) while building the Applications.ADF does not support oracle apps. It is used SOA related application. In ADF 11g apps will also be supported. ADF is based on JSR-227, which is supposed to be turned into a J2EE standard. we can say ADF as a next version of OAF with JSF – Java Server Faces, more J2EE architecture,
more dynamic page refreshing and handling etc.


I am an Oracle ACE in Oracle ADF/Webcenter. Sr Java Consultant-working on Java/J2EE/Oracle ADF/Webcenter Portal/ content and Hibernate for several years. I'm an active member of the OTN JDeveloper/Webcenter forum. Passionate about learning new technologies. I am here to share my knowledge. Give your views and suggestion on [email protected] .

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  • Tarun

    very informative, please keep posting…..good work

  • Jetspeed

    Nice Explanation

  • Raj

    Very useful info… keep it up.

  • Sudheendra

    Good essay on OAF & ADF differentiation. The question is whether ADF will make OAF redundant down the line.

  • vinay

    well yes ,u can say this.Because in adf 10.1.3 it is not integrated with EBS.but in next version of 11g they have integrated this also.So now we can hve extended aplication of EBS in ADF also.so we can say this that ADF have more edge over OAF down the line

  • Suryaveer

    I got some idea but i am still unclear about uses of both. Can u tell me if OAF can be used for j2ee application development other than customization of EBS or OAF can be used in place of ADF and vice-versa.

  • vinay

    well no we can’t use oaf for j2ee standalone application.We can use ADF for that.ADF 11g can be used in place of OAF but not OAF can do this

  • Suryaveer

    Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Srikanth machukuri

    ThanQ very much

  • Abhijit

    nice article and thanks for sharing this article……..
    i am about to start my career in oaf and adp…
    your article was helpful

  • Naveen Joshi

    Informative explanation. Please send me if you have any documentation on ADF.

  • oliver

    We recently upgraded our EBS from R12.1.2 to R12.1.3 to leverage the new functionalities like ADF/SOA/OBIEE integration. We were able to integrate the sample ADF application with EBS by using the oracle reference document ‘Oracle Application Framework Release Notes for Release 12.1.3’.

    Oracle support Link (3.10 ADF Integration):
    We would like to leverage the latest technology features and implement the EBS application Object Library (AOL) functionalities in ADF 11g ( Application Development.

    FND Session
    FND Profiles
    FND Messages
    Data security
    FND Attachments
    FND KEY/DFF functionality
    Control page navigations Between OAF and ADF.

    We have 20+ OAF Custom applications and integrated with EBS R12.1.3 Production environment. We would like to build new applications in ADF 11g ( or later version) and ready for the “Fusion Apps V1”.
    Please let us know if any EBS (R12.1.3) extension or patch is available for the Jdev11g/ADF Application development.

  • Chandra

    Thanks for providing info.

  • sunil dutt

    Its a nice explanation,

    I have a small doubt , can i use Oracle Jdeveloper 11g for developing a page with 10g database , as my dba is saying copying the file will create problem, Please suggest

  • vinay

    yes u can…..

  • Jayaraj


    I completely understand the difference between OAF and ADF but my question is
    1. if I know OAF well, can I adapt to ADF ?
    2. Now we are using OAF for customization and extension of OA Applications, can I use ADF for the same(I mean can I use the underlying tables and other functionalities of OA in ADF).
    3. As you have mentioned, if ADF is advanced than OAF will OAF be upgraded in the near Future.

    Please reply

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Jayaraj J

    • Kishore


      I am having experience as
      Oracle PLSQL/Forms/Report Developer. Willing to Learn OAF, but dont have knowledge of JAVa. Is Java Pr-request to learn OAF>


      • well not really.. Yes you should have some basic of java and j2ee. That is all.

    • sorry for late reply.

      1. yes you can learn ADF if you know OAF. Few concept are same.
      2. As of now no.. in ADF you can integrate ebs. OAF will used for OA application page customization.
      3. Well i don’t think OAF will be upgraded .Instead ADF will have all the features of OAF in near future.that is my understanding.

  • 1. Yes you can learn ADF.VO and EO concept are same .but you need to put efforts to understand ADF well.You should have knowledge in Java.
    2.Well i don’t agree.But yes you can use underlying table , and regarding functionality of OA in ADF. you cant.you need to develop from start.
    3.I don’t think so .OAF up-gradation in near future by Oracle .ADF next version we can expect.

  • Manjunatha N

    Very clear information provided in a brief description

    Thank you for your time and effort please keep posting

  • venkat

    Hi,i have 2 years of experience in java,j2ee can i migrate to oracle applications technical,what are the prerequisites to learn and shine in that field. some of my friends working on oracle apps technical manufacturing. I think my java knowledge will be good to learn adf and oaf related. please suggest a way.

  • I think try to enter in ADF or webcenter group Which is more related to Java J2ee side…

    • sreenivas

      Thanku very much

  • raja

    HI i’m mca fresher.i want to start my career with adf.so is it possible

    • vinay kumar

      I will suggest.First learn Java, JEE, Then you should try learning ADF

  • Mohsin Khan

    Hi Vinay..i am working on apps technical from more than 1 year well versed with forms/reports.etc. Now looking forward for OAF and ADF. what should i start first..i have knowledge of java.